Samuel Eto’o Assaults Algerian Youtuber In Qatar; Video Goes Viral

Samuel Eto'o Assaults Algerian Youtuber In Qatar; Video Goes Viral

A video of Samuel Eto’o assaulting a YouTuber at the Qatar 2022 World Cup in 974 Stadium, has gone viral on social media.

video of Samuel Eto’o assaulting a YouTuber at the Qatar 2022 World Cup in 974 Stadium, has gone viral on social media.

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The president of the Cameroon football federation and one of the greatest African players in history, Samuel Eto’o, assaulted a journalist after Brazil’s victory over Republic of Korea in the Qatar 2022 World Cup at the 974 Stadium.

As Eto’o, the World Cup’s “ambassador of legacy,” marched out of the stadium, some spectators stood up to take pictures with him. A cameraman then showed up, and they started talking.

Samuel Eto’o was initially held back by four other onlookers in order to make a claim against the man. When he turned back, the legendary Cameroonian and FC Barcelona center began pursuing him outside of his area of authority. A member of Eto’o’s group handed the unidentified man the camera.

According to what can be seen in a video of the incident, Eto’o then pulled a strong knee kick that connected to the person in the upper body or possibly the head and sent him to the ground.

The attack, while unjustifiable in any circumstance, may have been particularly dangerous because it occurred while the man was advancing on his camera.

The attacked man was unable to be interviewed. Eto’o, a 41-year-old former footballer who was asked what had happened, was obviously unable to answer and was escorted away from the stage by his surroundings. Police weren’t present where the incident happened.

The ex-NFL star Chad Johnson posted a photo with Eto’o in the Estadio 974 facilities one hour prior to the incident on Monday.

Why Samuel Eto’o Attacks The Man?

On Monday night, footage of Barcelona legend Samuel Eto’o appearing to knee someone in the head surfaced online.

When Brazil defeated South Korea 4-1, the Cameroonian was present in the stadium.

in the wildly popular video Eto’o originally appeared to be comfortable snapping photographs with fans as he walked after the game as he left Stadium 974.

However, the 41-year-old became heated in video taken by La Opinion and obtained by Mandy News via Twitter after speaking with a man holding a camera.

According to the information gathered by Mandy News, the young man, who is a YouTuber, accused Eto’o of bribing the referee during Cameroon vs. Brazil.

As soon as he became agitated, Eto’o walked down the cameraman before being originally restrained by four other people.

While being brought away, the man holding the camera—who appeared have more than 60,000 subscribers—stopped and knelt down just as Eto’o resisted attempts to calm him down.

In a disturbing scenario, the former Chelsea frontman charged the YouTuber and appeared to knee him in the head square in.

Despite the blow’s severity, the victim was able to get to his feet without any assistance, and Eto’o was then escorted away from the scene.

Four times named “African Footballer of the Year,” Eto’o left a lasting impression in the sport but was also linked to a number of scandals and legal issues, such as tax fraud in Spain.

In spite of defeating Brazil, Cameroon’s team was eliminated in the group stage.

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