Sarkodie Diss Shatta Wale: 10 Hot Punchlines In ‘Sub Zero’


One of the best rappers in Africa, Sarkodie has released a diss song to some Ghanian musicians who have been troubling him.

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The king of Ghana rap music sent bomb to Asem, Shatta Wale, Ball J, others with his punchlines on ‘Sub Zero’

Check Out The Punchlines Below

  • Sarkodie started with an Insult
    “…wobenya s3 the highest ama wo reply
    my paddy you dey craze
    way3 wanim s3 Car ase…
  • Sarkodie also Called Opana Broke
    menn disse obiaa ne botom ay3 dry”
  • Sarkodie talked about beating Opana 
    Sarkodie is currently outside the country, so he teases that if he were to be in Ghana, he would have gotten him beaten up. way3 lucky s3 corona ntsi makoka obi man so anka mema boys taataa wo mu
  • Sarkodie Brag about his wealth
    Men I just bought another crib,
    2020 m3sesa me chip In a Lamborghini with a bad b!tc.h,
    seen a couple haters in the traffic,
    negative energy I dey try avoid
  • Sarkodie disses and calls Shatta Wale A coward only noise on laptop keyboard.
    nea mikyi ne n!gg4 wey dey act tough, but you’re only hard on your laptop Chale make you meet me for the park top, you go move back when I take the f**k!ng mask off
  • Sarkodie claims To Be the Highest
    all I see, a bunch of beta males,
    ne buafu me cuz I told him I ain’t seen a mil,
    woy3 bitch n!gg4, if you hit me up for feature na manny3 aa,
    wotse couch so na wo bitee wo fingernails. Decade in the game, menn blockee obia wo Twitter, cuz it’s corny, Chale what the f*c.k you go fit tell us?
  • Sarkodie said to Shatta Wale
    all those rappers aa mototo shots name,
    ny3s3 mennhui oo, but me hu mo underground rappers w) Sunyani Beef, s3 mesoso soa agyes3 ehia me
  • The Skin Penetrating Diss-Line
    Br3 woho ase na menn diss wo na woy3 dw3 Artistes aa motwen reply, sesia no meyiyimm,3nny3 obiaa k3k3 Egya moa mose mey3 p3p33
  • Sarkodie disses Asem
    Adwen da metsrim so I’m tryna use it.
    New genration no, we can’t tell between when someone is been real or person is just stup!d

    Listen to Sarkodie sub zero below.

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