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Simpsons Predictions 2022 List

Simpsons Predictions 2022 List



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Do you want the Simpsons Predictions 2022 list?

Simpson’s predictions for 2022 are shocking.

The Simpsons, a notoriously hilarious animation, are famous for their almost always accurate predictions, from the red tie that ended up being the president to traveling and living on Mars. Elon Musk has achieved this.

The Simpsons have made very accurate predictions. One can say this cartoon has turned the biblical ancient prophet into a nostradamus.

Sometimes these predictions are scary, but most of the time they still serve as a heads-up for the government.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some shocking predictions for 2022 by the Simpsons.

We will look at the scary ones, the ones that are most likely to come through, and the ones that look like they are building castles in the sky.

Here are some mind-blowing predictions by the Simpsons for 2022.

The Simpsons, a highly rated cartoon drama and a ridiculously hilarious comedy, have earned a niche for themselves not just as one of the funniest cartoons, but also as a prediction hub.

The cartoon has made some surprisingly accurate predictions in the past, and, as usual, it has made another set of predictions for 2022.

Below are some of the shocking predictions by Simpson for 2022.

Simpsons Predictions 2022 List
Simpsons Predictions 2022 List

1. Holographic mailImagine

Holographic mailImagine receiving a Facebook or Instagram message via hologram technology, or perhaps a letter, those things people wrote in the stone age via hologram technology.

This is not entirely impossible, given that hologram technology has greatly improved since the episode titled “Bart to the Future,” the same episode that predicted Trump’s election.

Mail is delivered by holograms. This is a subtle prediction slated to come through by this year.

Technology has advanced greatly in recent years and has been used to bring deceased artists such as Tupac Shakur to life for concerts, so perhaps it’s not that crazy to think it could become a feature of Australia Post.

The only downside is not being able to convince yourself that invites to weddings and birthday parties got lost in the mail.

A Hologram for Bart Simpson: Hey Dingus, your band can play at my club tonight. Yes, six.

2. The Baby Translator

Another Prediction From The Baby Translator: This one seems a little bit impossible: the baby translator. Imagine your one-year-old baby translating English to French fluently. Cool, right? But it’s cool.

Now, this prediction does not mean your child will talk. It means that in 2022, a machine would be developed that would help you hear what your infant’s “gugu gaga” means. Now that is extremely cool.

Why doesn’t this just exist already? What parent would not want a machine that translates their baby’s coos and cries into discernible sentences in the episode? Brother, can you spare two dimes? Homer’s estranged half-brother, Herb Powell, returns, having lost his car company and vast fortune after Homer designed a monstrous car for Powell Motors.

For Erb, it’s only fair that Homer lends him some cash to get him back on his feet and uses the money to make the prototype of the baby translator, which goes on to be a huge success, just as it would be in real life. To be fair, there is an app called “cry translator” that, as the name suggests, interprets the cries of a baby to determine if it’s hungry, tired, bored, stressed or in discomfort.

This app came out well after the Simpsons episode aired, but a machine that dealt with a little one’s thoughts and talking style would surely sell like game busters.

Let us see if this machine will be invented by 2022, Maggie Maggie. Oh, you are very amusing with five female presidents.

This prediction would be the hallmark of America’s democracy. A female president is infesting third-world countries.

When millions of Americans voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win the 2020 election, they did so with the knowledge that there was a high probability that Harris would step into the top job in the next four to eight years. fantastic crossover episodeIn the X-files, agents Mulder and Scully arrive in town to investigate a mysterious glowing being that appears each Friday night, proffering love and peace to the residents of Springfield.

It turns out to just be Mr. Burns, goofed up to his eyeballs after his weekly life extension treatments at the Mayo Clinic and glowing from a lifetime of radiation exposure at the power plant, but he still manages to unite the world in a heartwarming display of togetherness and acceptance.

So, this naturally very interesting episode predicts the unity of the world order.

While we would want to have a baby translator, this is a prediction that we really will come through in 2022. Prior to the growth of science, three colonizations of Mars were planned.

With the advancement of science, we know that the Simpsons’ predictions would almost certainly come true.

Earth, prior to the growth of science, was seen as the only planet suitable for human habitation. Marge is not thrilled when Lisa volunteers for a future one-way trip to Mars, so she volunteers to go with her, in fact, hoping to dissuade Lisa.

The whole family signs up. The idea behind Exploration incorporated’s expedition is to colonize the red planet before 2026, a date that is moving up to the end of the week.

The takeoff fails, but Lisa and Marge make it to Mars in 2051, only for Lisa to announce she wants to move to Venus.

While Elon Musk’s Space X is currently developing mars-bound cargo flights for as early as 2022, fully colonizing Mars would require an out-of-this-world budget.

The cargo on its way to Mars is a step in the right direction.

Congratulations, Marge and Lisa. We’ve both passed with flying colors, and we’ll be named finalists in our astronaut search for two virtual reality foods.

This would be one of the most ridiculous predictions ever. Who would want to wait for mac and cheese? Would you want your yummy cheese pizza in some virtual world?

No, the Simpsons made it back to the future, this time to 2030. Here, Homer and Marge chowed down on virtual fudge via VR glasses and feeding tubes.

Although you’d think the whole virtual no calories thing would have trimmed down the junk food junkie patriarch, it didn’t.

The Homers still chowed down on a bunch of donuts. Meanwhile, in the real world, Royal Caribbean is looking into giving their cruise line guests a VR dining experience.

With every bite of food, you are transported to a new setting, and food scientists at Cornell University found that cheese eaten in a pleasant VR setting tasted better.

Well, this is just crazy brilliant but crazy and don’t be surprised if your meal in 2022 is in a virtual reality setting.

Don’t laugh; this virtual fudge tastes like crap, not half as good as cyber fudge, and there you have some of the predictions for 2022.

Tell us what you think about these predictions and which ones you would want to see in the comments section.

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