Stanley Okorie Wrote And Sang “I Go Chop Your Dollar” For Nkem Owoh


Music lovers, did you know that the lead single off The Nkem Owoh 2005, “I Go Chop Your Dollar,” was written, composed and voiced by Stanley Okorie?

Stanley Okorie recorded the song and gave Nkem Owoh to act the character in 2005.

The song was recorded in January 2005 by Stanley Okorie in Raves Studio Lagos.

At the time, Stanley Okorie was one of the best Nollywood soundtrack composer.

‘I go chop your dollar’ was written, sung and produced by Stanley Okorie, (co-produced by Murphy Anawana) but visually performed by Nkem Owoh.

The music video was originally published and distributed by KAS-VID Music international who also published other songs visually performed by Nkem Owoh such as ‘Agreement’, ‘Susana’ and ‘Know me when am poor’ all written and produced by Stanley Okorie.

Here’s the recording sections of “I Go Chop Your Dollar,” by Stanley Okorie x Nkem Owoh

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