Stefflon Don And Jada Kingdom Fighting Over Burna Boy? The Complete Story


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Hello, readers! Let’s talk about something that’s been buzzing in the music world lately. It’s about Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom, and yes, Burna Boy. Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening.

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The Story Begins

So, Stefflon Don released a snippet of her new song, “Do Money R.” People started talking. They think she might be hinting at something about Jada Kingdom. Then, L.A. Lewis tweeted something that added more fuel to the fire. People are wondering, “Is this about Jada?” Remember, there were rumors about Jada and Burna Boy, who used to date Stefflon Don. It’s getting interesting, right?

Jada’s Response

Jada Kingdom didn’t just sit back. She went to Instagram and posted this:

“Hey boo! I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. That’s not my style. So before I get more upset, just let me know from now if you’re coming for me this time or if it’s still your manager you’re gossiping about?? The whole of us here are curious, for real! You should stop those things, enough man, cho!”

Jada Kingdom’s Message to Stefflon Don:

“My team has told everyone not to blow this situation out of proportion. Firstly, I have no intention of dissing anyone in my track. I just wanted to make sure if she’s talking about me in her song. It’s strange because it’s supposedly about a man I never claimed. We’re all having fun; this is for everyone. Last year, she made some remarks, and I chose to ignore them, following my fans’ advice. But this year, everyone’s talking about her song, and I just want to know who she’s referring to because facts matter.

I asked directly, and I tagged her, wanting to see if she’s bold enough to admit she’s talking about me. It’s odd if it’s all about a guy, isn’t it? I want to clarify this. If it’s over a guy, I won’t respond because that’s just ridiculous. Real disputes aren’t about such trivial matters. Money is there for everyone; it’s all very strange.

If you’re talking about management issues from last year, let’s talk about it again now. It’s bizarre because we’re all out here getting new cars, driving around, enjoying life. Who cares about these petty issues? Just be straightforward or keep quiet. It’s 2024, and these kinds of vague disputes are just weird. Bring some real substance if you’re going to argue. The world is watching, and I’m curious if you’ll be bold this time because you weren’t last year. I don’t bother responding to such nonsense.

I’ve never been involved in a back-and-forth over a man, especially not with another female artist. That’s why I don’t engage in making songs about such petty industry drama. It’s all so weak and losing its appeal. If you’re going to talk, be direct about it. Last year, there was no real beef, just some superficial stuff. It’s all so lame and pointless.

I’m straightforward; I’ll tag and talk about anyone if I feel like it. You can check YouTube; it’s all there. I’ve been relaxed because all this drama is just silly. To my supporters, don’t take this too seriously. I entered this conversation casually, just wanting to know the truth because it’s not about any serious beef. I’m just curious if she’s bold enough to admit it this year. I have nothing against her, honestly. She’s been in conflict with herself since last year, and it’s all just for show. Who cares about such drama?

I’m just living my life, doing my own thing. I’m 25 and keeping it real.’

Looks like Jada wants some straight answers!

Burna Boy’s Role

Now, about Burna Boy. He’s at the center of this story. He was with Stefflon Don, and then there were talks about him and Jada Kingdom. It’s like he’s the main guy in this whole drama.

Stefflon Don And Jada Kingdom Fighting Over Burna Boy? The Complete Story

Here’s a quick summary:

Burna Boy & Stefflon DonThey used to be a couple.
Burna Boy & Jada KingdomRumors about them being together.

What Happens Next?

What do we expect next? Will Stefflon Don answer back? Is Jada planning something? Or will they just focus on their music? We’re all watching to see what happens.

Fans Are Talking

The fans are really into this:

  • Team Stefflon: They’re backing Stefflon Don.
  • Team Jada: They’re supporting Jada Kingdom.
  • Team Music: Some just want to enjoy the music without the drama.

In Conclusion

In the music world, these kinds of stories happen. But in the end, it’s all about the music, isn’t it? Keep checking for more updates on this story!

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