The Most Toxic Fandom In Nigeria 2022

The Most Toxic Fandom In Nigeria 2022

The Most Toxic Fandom In Nigeria 2022

In 2022, Nigeria’s Most Toxic Fandom: Millions of people all over the world admire Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

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The fans, on the other hand, have a reputation for going too far and being downright nasty.

So, which fandom is the most toxic in Nigeria right now? Let’s take a look below.

Given the country’s hunger and high unemployment rates, as well as the fact that very few people can afford three square meals a day, the number of Nigerian entertainment fans is astounding.

The level of dedication displayed by these fans is incredible. Too much of it, on the other hand, can be harmful at times.

This is especially true when it comes to music lovers.

Many of these fans are known for their hostility and obvious dislike of competing with Nigeria’s two biggest international super stars, Davido and Wizkid.

So, which of these fandoms is the most toxic by far?

Previously, it was difficult to identify a specific fan base as the most toxic, despite the fact that many social media users believed Tacha fans, also known as the Titans, were the most toxic.

However, it is 2022, and based on all of the comments we have seen on social media, forums, and blogs this year, WIZKID has the most venomous fans in the Nigerian music industry. They call themselves the Wizkid Fan Club, and their toxicity is so high that they’ve been known to attack anyone who criticizes Wizkid.

Other fanbases that have demonstrated toxicity are listed below.

The fact that Nigeria’s entertainment industry has so many fans proves that industry is winning, which will help the country’s image.

So being obsessed with hatred and spreading it makes no sense. Such incidents taint the fan base and the reputations of their idols.

Consider what happened recently to a Wizkid fan who had been criticizing Davido to the point of calling his only son a bastard.

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