Ghanaian Woman’s Disturbing Dubai Porta Potty Ordeal for $180k

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The Story Of A Ghanaian Lady Who Eats Arab Men’s Poo For $180k In Dubai Porta Potty


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  • A Ghanaian woman’s harrowing experience in Dubai’s Porta Potty phenomenon reveals the dark side of the luxury lifestyle portrayed by some Instagram models.
  • The lady was lured into participating in humiliating and abusive acts for the promise of a large payout, only to receive a fraction of the amount and threats when she attempted to speak out.
  • Her story serves as a cautionary tale, warning others about the dangers of pursuing easy money at the cost of their dignity and well-being.

In this eye-opening article, we explore the controversial phenomenon of the Dubai Porta Potty and the lengths some Instagram models go to for money. Many of these stories remain untold, but we dive deep into the story of a Ghanaian lady who was lured into this dark world.

Warning: The content of this article may be disturbing to some readers. Proceed with caution.

Dubai Porta Potty: A Hidden Reality

You might have heard of the infamous Dubai Porta Potty stories from friends or stumbled upon them online. Instagram models and aspiring celebrities are often rumored to participate in these illicit activities in exchange for large sums of money. What happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai, right?

From YouTube confessions to whispers among friends, there are numerous accounts of people receiving thousands of dollars to participate in unspeakable acts with wealthy Arab men.

The Story of a Ghanaian Lady

Among the many Dubai Porta Potty stories, we’ll focus on the harrowing experience of a young Ghanaian woman who claims she was lured into this dark world by a friend.

This lady recounts her traumatic experience in Dubai, where she was subjected to horrifying acts and forced to endure unimaginable pain for the promise of a large payout.

A Deceptive Invitation

Her story begins with an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai, arranged by a glamorous friend who appeared to be living the high life. Little did she know, her friend had ulterior motives.

Upon arrival in Dubai, they went straight to the home of an Arab man, where her friend left her alone with him. What followed was a series of abusive and degrading acts, all for the promise of $180,000.

A Life-Changing Ordeal

Despite the unbearable pain and humiliation, the young woman felt she had no choice but to endure her tormentor’s cruel demands. After the ordeal, her so-called friend and the Arab man gave her a mere $5,700 and sent her away. When she tried to speak out, she was met with threats and insults.

The lady now lives with the guilt and regret of her decisions, misled by the illusion of her friend’s lavish lifestyle. She warns others about the dangers of such choices, pointing out that many Instagram models who travel to Dubai under the guise of a vacation are actually participating in these unspeakable acts for money.

The Dark Side of Luxury

It’s no secret that some individuals engage in various fetishes to achieve pleasure. From BDSM to urophilia, there’s a long list of unconventional desires. However, what many don’t realize is that numerous Instagram models and celebrities from Africa and America are partaking in these activities for significant sums of money.

The story of this Ghanaian lady serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the dark side of luxury and the lengths some people go to for money. We hope that her story will help others make informed decisions and avoid the allure of easy money at the cost of their dignity and well-being.

Below is a full text of everything she said.

“Hi Aunty Ama, please keep this a secret for me in the name of God. I realised i had to let it out when i saw some people air their views on other platforms.
I am also part of the ladys who have been sekzually abused in Dubai. i met a lady on facebook who happens to travel there alot because i saw pictures of her on the dessert and all so when we started getting familiar through facebook comment i inbox her and we became friends from there.”

“She told me later how she make money by goin to dubai and she just sleeps with one person make money and buy clothes and perfumes to come and sell but i told her and that she could take me there when ever she was going. I told her i dont have money but she told me she will pay for me and i pay her bac on our return.. we has gotten so close now so she trusted me.”

“Hmmm Aunty Ama the very day we went we didnt go to a hotel as she said, we went straight to one big house that belonged to one Arab man. He was excited to see me so i knew that was the man she was about to link me to, that night she left for clubbing with the mans friend. He tied me to the bed in a romantic way and asked me to S his D which i did but he womt let me stop and my jaws were coming out he started beating me and telling me i wS going to give him a BJ for an hour so i better cooperate because he was goin to pay me 18,000 dollars.”

“i suffered but i did, the next minute he sat on my face i tot i was going to smell his anus (so to speak) but he asked me to lick because thats the only way he can come. I was hesitating till he threatened me with a live snake in the room. I had soo much regrets but i was already there, i Licked it till poo started coming out and this man asked me to eat it.”

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