The Story Of Our Lady Of The Sun In Ghana

The Story Of Our Lady Of The Sun In Ghana

The Story Of Our Lady Of The Sun In Ghana

Have you heard of the TikTok trending topic “Our Ladies of the Sun Occultism in Ghana?” Or the one on Google, “Our Lady of the Sun in Ghana?”

I’m aware that you might have found the aforementioned terms because occultism is not a recent topic of conversation because most people have probably heard of their actions in some form.

It typically takes place among groups of highly prominent people and on campuses across the country.

The majority of these occult organizations have one main goal: either to financially benefit their members or to give them the ability to engage in particular activities.

Have you ever wondered where these famous women get their money from? Someone might play a role in a movie, and then the next thing you know, she’s buying a mansion for millions of dollars.

We wrote this article for that reason—to share with you what a prophet revealed.

Our Ladies Of The Sun Occultism In Ghana

The Story Of Our Lady Of The Sun In Ghana
The Story Of Our Lady Of The Sun In Ghana

A Ghanaian prophet has volunteered to reveal the dubious practices of a well-known but obscure occult organization functioning in Ghana. He claimed that the goal of this occult is to extort and destroy men in exchange for cash.

He said that the organization, “Our Lady of the Sun,” solely employs fair-skinned women and is based in Ghana.

As a result, if you are a woman and your complexion is not fair, you will not be accepted.

This assertion was made in a popular video on the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, which spotted.

He asserts that the occult group gives its members the responsibility of gathering the sperm of the males they have sexual relations with in order to use them in rituals, an activity that brings them wealth.

The group plans wild parties for males and then collects their samples after the event in order to improve their method of operation.

He claimed that several members, who were sick of their immoral deeds, came to him for advice.

He also cautions Ghanaian guys to exercise caution while choosing who they spend the night with.

This revelation was posted on the Sethamohnyampong Tiktok page, where it was supported by comments from women and men who had in some way heard about or been approached about joining the occult in exchange for money.

Take a look at some of the comments made on the video by some TikTok users, as collected by Mandy News.

@user8798574888085: “Is very true a friend introduce me and I refuse.”

@user7124088728342: “It very true daddy I nearly joined but when I was told of the requirements I couldn’t do it”

@user241802139: “Is very true a friend introduced me to that group 2019 but I refused”

@Marcus Kamp228: “I heard about this last year,one of ladies confess to us”

@ODISSIWAA❤️🤴🌍: “It’s true ooo 🥺🥺years back I nearly joined it was my boyfriend sperm they were asking 🥺not knowing he has scan my phone 🥺”

@Nana Yeboah: “for this one is true, my female friend was contacted to join their group, she showed me the chat,she was told her job is sleep with Men.”

@user5306291418431: “Very true a lady on Facebook introduced me to it. She said the sex party is called tu na me ntu. We have to be careful”

@user5928788307008: “is true oooooo they try to convinced me. the queen mother asked me to sleep with 15 year boy”

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