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Tinubu Breaks Silence On Postponement Of Election, Tells Nigerians What To Do



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The All Progressives Congress National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has expressed sadness over the postponement of the presidential and countrywide meeting elections by way of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.APC and Tinubu

Tinubu, in a announcement he in my opinion signed on Saturday, said though, he stated the enormity of the logistical assignment that elections poses to INEC, he changed into still pained that the Commission couldn’t meet this challenge in the time allotted.

He, but, entreated Nigerians who intended to vote to keep their commitment and now not be discouraged by means of the contemporary development.

He said, “Do no longer permit this delay to discourage you from the expression of your democratic rights. What you had set your thoughts to do on February sixteen, keep your thoughts and heart on for February 23.

“We are also perplexed that INEC literally waited so late within the day to make recognized the boundaries stopping it from preserving religion to the election agenda. INEC could have and ought to have given the kingdom greater adequate and in advance warning. This may want to have perhaps lessened the pervasive disappointment that all of us now sense. It also would have helped humans better order their steps”.

“As the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress and surely as a Nigerian, I ought to express my profound concern and dissatisfaction with the sudden, overdue hour postponement of the presidential and national meeting elections with the aid of INEC. According to INEC, the only-week postponement of the election from February sixteen to February 23 was compelled by way of logistical problems encountered by means of the fee in transporting critical election cloth to polling in diverse elements of the united states.

“While we appreciate the enormity of the logistical mission that elections in a sizable country like ours poses to INEC, we are still pained that the Commission could not meet this undertaking within the time allocated. We are also perplexed that INEC literally waited so overdue within the day to make known the limitations preventing it from maintaining faith to the election agenda. INEC ought to have and should have given the country greater adequate and in advance caution. This may want to have perhaps lessened the pervasive sadness that we all now sense. It also might have helped human beings better order their steps nowadays.

“We have reports of keen citizens growing early to leave their homes to solid their ballots only to be instructed upon arriving at their appointed polling stations that the election were postponed. This have to not have passed off for it can properly discourage people from coming out when the election takes area. Thus, we heartily commend the ones human beings for popping out in workout in their essential rights and obligations as citizen electorate, who vote via vote, are seeking to construct and ideal our democracy. For each voter is in element an architect and each considered one of your votes is a brick by which, when lain together, shall construct a strong democracy in this sort of way that it shall forever stand and undergo. Thus, we attraction to all who simply came out to vote and to individuals who meant to vote these days, to hold your commitment. Do no longer permit this postpone to discourage you from the expression of your democratic rights. What you had set your mind to do on February sixteen, keep your thoughts and coronary heart on for February 23.

“INEC has stated the motive for the put off and has expressed regret over the inconveniences it has triggered. We must take INEC’s statement at face price and keep to the notion that INEC understands even extra than ever the sober and grave responsibility it has to our state and our democracy. INEC can most effective nicely discharge that duty by conducting loose and fair elections. While we can’t go returned to restore what did or did no longer show up to purpose this postponement, all of us ought to inspire INEC to do all this is essential so vote casting can easily continue on February 23. Whatever our political affiliation, we have to encourage INEC to overcome the difficulties that allows you to rise to this most vital event. INEC should devote itself extra than ever earlier than to carry out to its utmost in order that those elections could be remembered as a loose and honest exercise consonant with the best of international standards.

“In the cease, elections need to be held in such a way that every vote consists of the same weight and no vote is minimized because elections occurred an awful lot in advance or later in one area than in every other. Thus, it’s far better to enjoy a mild put off to conduct the elections properly in preference to to conduct the elections piecemeal and uneven style. No one will absolve INEC if any such destiny befalls this all-crucial election. The electoral body should use the only-week extension mend its logistics gaps and lapses. This delay has certainly provoked enormous anger and unhappiness most of the humans. The citizens were geared up and INEC need to have been equally as prepared and prepared because the citizens. Yet, we ask that the human beings incorporate their anger and stay calm. Let no person be tempted to breach the peace due to this put off.

“In the extra scheme of things, a one-week postpone isn’t always overly burdensome while as compared to the significance of behavior of free and just elections within the establishment of representative democracy and exact governance in our land. Please, persevere just a chunk longer to make certain that the elections on February 23 certainly reflect the desire of the humans. Whatever obstacles might also come, be they huge or small, allow us to show the arena the Nigerian people will not be deterred from knowing the democracy for which we’ve got fought and sacrificed goodbye and so tough to achieve.”

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