What Tinubu Really Means When He Says He Will “Recharge Lake Chad”

What Tinubu Really Means When He Says He Will “Recharge Lake Chad”

What Tinubu Really Means When He Says He Will “Recharge Lake Chad”

Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, promised to recharge Lake Chad if he wins the February election.

He said the following in speeches he recently gave to mark the beginning of the Kolmani Integrated Development Project’s commercial production of crude oil and gas:

The speech actually began when Tinubu was discussing the issues of food scarcity and terrorism. He stated, “Each time we discuss the challenges of terrorism and the lack of food, you will discuss Lake Chad.

  • “Let me assure you, if I am elected the president, I will ‘recharge’ Lake Chad.”

However, as of this week, the statement is among the topics that draw the most attention online.

The ex-governor of Lagos State has made statements before that have gained widespread attention. This time is no different.

On the most recent trend regarding the 70-year-old politician’s statement in which he promised to recharge Lake Chad, we anticipated that the mainstream media would not only inform but also educate its audience.

While some are making fun of Tinubu, others are searching “Recharge lake chad meaning” on Google.

Even on the internet, there are no articles that define recharging lake Chad, so we decided to write this piece in order to assist our readers.

What Is Recharge lake Chad meaning?

To recharge the lake Chad means raising its water level because the lake has reportedly been decreasing for the past 100 years due to climatic circumstances, which has resulted in fewer employment and participation opportunities for the 30 million people whose subsistence depends on the lake.

Moving water over international borders from another sizable body of water to Lake Chad is one method for recharging the lake.

At this point, allow me to say that Tinubu was correct in his assessment, but the question now is whether he will be able to carry it through if he is elected.

In terms of the grammatical usage of the word “recharge,” Tinubu was right. To pump or divert water toward the dry Lake Chad is what is meant.

If you were one of the people who questioned whether that word should have been used, we would answer yes.

Nevertheless, a large number of people believed the grammar was incorrect. This situation fits the definition of the technical phrase.

If you’re still not convinced, search for “recharge lake Chad” to find a number of headlines from the past.

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