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Tinubu To Nigerians: “Let’s Get Rid Of Corruption”



images-1264001697. Tinubu To Nigerians: "Let’s Get Rid Of Corruption"

The politician of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu onTuesday stressed the wants for all Nigeriansto get rid of the cancer of corruption.

He aforementioned the country deserves a pacesetter like President Muhammadu Buhari for the nation’s economy to grow likealternative advanced countries of the globe.

Tinubu, United Nations agency spoke at theMEK Abiola Democracy Park in Akure, the capital of Ondo state at the APC campaign rally for the re-election of Buhari, assured the APC would produce Associate in Nursingsanctioning surroundings for businesses toattempt and promote trade, commerce and agriculture, that he known because thestrength of the economy of any nation.

According to Tinubu, the PDP has admitted failure even before the election by their allegation that APC and Buhari were getting to rig the Feb sixteen general elections.

He said: “The PDP claimed that APC wasgetting to rig election. however are you able to rig Associate in Nursing election that has not been conducted?

“This may be a clear incontrovertible fact that the PDP was getting ready for failure. The PDP has admitted its loss of the election even before the election is conducted.”

The APC stalwart urged Yoruba folks to support Buhari and vote massively for the APC within the coming back elections,spoken language this administration hasdead several praiseworthy comes in South West region, that should be reciprocated with large votes.

Also, the national chairman of the party, Adams Osiomhole aforementioned the PDP ruined the nation’s economy in its sixteenyears of administration, stressing the present economic issues were caused by the opposition party.

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He aforementioned each Obasanjo anddessert apple failed to keep in mind the poor once they were in governmentwhereas Buhari places the poor higher thanthe wealthy through his people-oriented programmes.

He aforementioned the PDP believed thatthe govt. ought to be used as Associate in Nursing avenue to counterpoint people, thusthe claim by its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar that he can denationalize theNigeria National rock oil Corporation (NNPC).

Osiomhole alleged that the PDP used the machinery of state to empower somepeople once the party was in government,whereas this administration has served the interest of all Nigerians no matter faith, tribe or ethnic position.

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu assured Buhari and also the leadership of the APC that he would deliver the state for the party

He said: “In 2015 once the state wasn’tunderneath the management of the

APC we won, what proportion a lot ofcurrently that we have a tendency to area unit up to the mark of the state?

“President Buhari ought to go and sleep ashe’s winning the election by the grace of God.”

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