Golden Hits: Top 200+ Nigerian Old Songs of All Time

Golden Hits: Top 200+ Nigerian Old Songs of All Time

Get a curated compilation of the best Nigerian old songs. Dive into the Golden Hits with a list of the top classic songs. Experience the rhythms that shaped a nation’s musical heritage.

Retro vibes. Evergreen rhythms. Nigeria’s musical landscape is graced with tunes that age like fine wine. Unforgettable beats echo through time. Dive deep into the ocean of golden oldies that defined a nation.

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Nigeria: a land of pulsating beats, unforgettable harmonies, and legendary artists. From its pre-independence era, the country has birthed iconic songs. From Highlife to Afrobeat, these tracks aren’t just music; they’re history. Join us on a rhythmic journey down memory lane.

Five black musicians are prominently featured.
This image captures a vintage scene of a vibrant Nigerian band, evoking nostalgic memories of the golden era of Highlife and Afrobeat.

The Highlife Era

The 50s and 60s were times of political awakening and musical revolution. Highlife music, with its jazzy horns and melodic guitars, captured the nation’s heart.

“Highlife isn’t just a genre. It’s the soundtrack of a burgeoning nation.” – Fela Kuti

  • Osita Osadebe‘s ‘Osondi Owendi’. An irreplaceable classic. Listen to its entrancing beats and be transported back to the golden days of Nigerian dance halls.
  • Victor Uwaifo‘s ‘Guitar Boy’. If you never serenaded someone with this song, did you even experience the 60s?

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Afrobeat & The Fela Revolution

The 70s saw the emergence of Afrobeat, with its distinctive combination of traditional Yoruba music, jazz, and funk. And at the forefront? The legendary Fela Kuti.

  • ‘Zombie’ by Fela Kuti. A track that’s more than just music. It’s a statement. A movement.
  • ‘Lady’ – another Fela hit. A song about women’s rights, long before it became mainstream.

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The 90s Pop Resurgence

Gone were the afros. In came the branded caps and oversized shirts. The 90s was a decade of transition, with music reflecting this change.

  • ‘Send Down the Rain’ by Majek Fashek. The anthem of a generation.
  • Plantashun Boiz‘You and I’. Love, Nigerian style.

Tables & Tidbits: By the Numbers

YearSongStreams (Millions)
1967Osondi Owendi1.5M
1992Send Down the Rain2.7M

Other Noteworthy Mentions

  • Nelly Uchendu’s ‘Love Nwantiti’ – the heartbeat of the 80s.
  • Bright Chimezie’s ‘African Style’ – a celebration of the continent.

For a complete list of these mesmerizing tracks, see the Top 200 Nigerian Old Songs below:

  1. Bobby Benson – Taxi Driver
  2. Water no Get Enemy – Fela Kuti
  3. Mammy water – Sir Victor Uwaifo
  4. Cardinal Rex Lawson – Jolly Papa
  5. Wrinkars Experience – Fuel For Love
  6. African Style- Bright Chimezie
  7. Fire in Soweto – Sonny Okosun
  8. Papa’s Land – Sonny Okosun
  9. Ebenezer Obey – Edumare Soro Mi Dayo
  10. Joromi – Victor Uwaifo
  11. Time na Money – Mike Okri
  12. Lady – Fela Kuti
  13. Oko mi ye – Stella Monye
  14. Happy Birthday – Evi Edna Ogoli Okosi
  15. Send down the Rain: Majek Fashek
  16. Aparo – Tunji Oyelana
  17. Peoples Club – Oliver De Coque
  18. Ngozi – Felix Liberty
  19. What’s Gonna Be Gonna – Bongos Ikwe
  20. I Love My Country – Tunji Oyelana & Wole Soyinka
  21. Osondi Owendi – Osadebe
  22. Eddie Okonta – Sawa Sawa
  23. Sweet Mother – Prince Nico Mbarga
  24. Baby Jowo – Dr. Victor Olaiya
  25. Ise Aje – I.K. Dairo
  26. Veno Marioghae – Nigeria Go Survive
  27. Ketekete – Ebenezer Obey
  28. Funmi Adams – Nigeria is My Country
  29. Dele Ojo – Iya Ni Wura
  30. Ina Ran – Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group
  31. Oriental Brother’s – Chi Awu Out
  32. Hubert Ogunde – Oni Moto
  33. I Need Someone – Kris Okotie
  34. Oby Onyioha – I Want to Feel Your Love
  35. Ever Liked My Person – Christie Essien Igbokwe
  36. Biri Ka Mbiri, Pt. 3 – Chief Dr. Oliver De Coque
  37. Lorine Okotie – Love Medicine
  38. Asiko – Tyna Onwudiwe
  39. Ayinla Omowura – National Census 1973
  40. Dora Ifudu – When Will it Be the Right Time
  41. It’s Time For Juju Music – Admiral Dele Abiodun
  42. Iya mi – Christien Essien Igbokwe
  43. Omo Ode De – Emperor Pick Peters
  44. Ololufe Mi – Orlando Julius Ekemode
  45. CAC choir – Odun lo sopin o
  46. Ace – Shina Peters
  47. Roy Chicago – Olowo Gba’ya Ole
  48. Iyawo Asiko – Orlando Owoh
  49. Mike Ejeagha – Ome Ka Agu
  50. One Love – Onyeka Owenu
  51. Make Nigeria Better – KSA and Nigerian All stars
  52. Iwaju Lokan Mi – KSA
  53. Identity – Oliver De Coque
  54. Rumba style – Ras Kimono
  55. Heart of Stone – Oritz Wiliki
  56. Rosie – Blakky
  57. Cock crow at dawn – Bongos Ikwe
  58. Biri Ka’m Biri – Oliver De Coque
  59. Baby Kilode – Dizzy K Falola
  60. Ziga Ha Ozi – Sunny Okosun
  61. Under pressure – Ras Kimono
  62. Wait for me – KSA & Onyeka Onwenu
  63. Seun Rere – Christy Essien Igbokwe
  64. Eddie Kwansa – Peacock Int’l Band
  65. Orlando Julius- Adara
  66. Iya mi – Christie Essien Igbokwe
  67. Iyawo Asiko – Orlando Owoh
  68. Papa Bless Me – Isaac Black
  69. Make You Dey Look Well – Edna Okoli
  70. Stop the Fight – Edna Okoli
  71. Cloud 7 – Beautiful Woman
  72. Omoge – Mike Okri
  73. Fela Anikulapo Kuti – Shakara
  74. Sonny Okosun- Which Way Nigeria
  75. Onyeka Onwenu- Ekwe
  76. Fela Anikulapo Kuti- Yellow Fever
  77. Tunji Oyelana – Alaru T’onje Buredi
  78. Ebenezer Obey- Olomi
  79. Dr. Orlando Owoh- Kangaroo
  80. Dizzy K. Falola- Excuse Me Baby
  81. Ofege- Try & Love
  82. Alex Zitto – Walakolombo
  83. Salawa Abeni – This is Waka Music
  84. Chris Mba- Baby Don’t Cry
  85. Bright Chimezie- African Style
  86. Felix Liberty- Ifeoma
  87. Mike Okiri- Omoge
  88. Evi Edna Ogholi – Obaro
  89. Dr. Victor Olaiya- Iye Jemila
  90. Kill Me With Love – Jide Obi
  91. Oritz Wiliki- Heart Of Stone
  92. Harry Mosco- Sugar Cane Baby
  93. Alex O- Celebrate
  94. Prince Adekunle – AYE Nreti Eleya
  95. Prince Adekunle – Tell Me that You Love Me Baby
  96. Dora Ifudu- When Will it Be Right Time
  97. Tunji Oyelana – Alaru T’onje Buredi
  98. Sunny Ade- Syncro System
  99. Ik Dairo- Feso Jaiye
  100. B L O – Native Doctor
  101. Adawa Supper: Dele Abiodun
  102. Kayode Fashola – Rantiomo Eni Tiwo NSe
  103. Fire: Lijadu Sisters
  104. Ketekete: Ebenezer Obey
  105. Dauda Epoakara – My Mother
  106. Mandy Ojugbana – Taxi Driver
  107. Wasiu Ayinde – Talazo Fuji
  108. Segun Bucknor – Adebo
  109. Ayinde Barrister – Fuji Gabage III
  110. Cloud 7 – Searching
  111. Kollington Ayinla – Ijo Yoyo
  112. Fela Kuti – Suffering & Smiling
  113. Won Kerry Si Number Wa – Fatayi Rolling Dollar
  114. Board Members – Ebenezer Obey
  115. Logba Logba – Orlando Owoh
  116. Challenge Cup – Ayinla Omowura
  117. Na Poor I Poor – Tunde Nightingale
  118. Owere Elejigbo – Lijadu Sisters
  119. Guguru Perere – Tunji Oyelana
  120. Yegede – Yusuf Olatunji


From the streets of Lagos to the valleys of Enugu, these songs form the soul of Nigeria. They’ve made us dance, cry, and most importantly, remember. In an age of rapidly-evolving digital music, let’s not forget our roots.

Relish these classics. Share them. And let the world know: Nigeria has a rhythm, and it’s golden.

“Music is the weapon of the future.” – Fela Kuti

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