The US President Donald Trump wants to send Americans a check for about $1,000 to help them cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Report says Senator Chris Murphy is aiding Americans should each receive at least $2,000 to cope with coronavirus.

Murphy said he is working with Sens. Cory Booker, D-N.J., Michael Bennet, D-Co., and Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, on his plans to send every man, woman, and child a check for $2,000, with a cutoff for the wealthy, which he said might be individuals who earn $100,000 or more a year and families whose annual income exceeds $180,000.

Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday, 18 March says “For the people that are now out of work because of the important and necessary containment policies, for instance, the shutting down of hotels, bars, and restaurants, the money will soon be coming to you. The onslaught of the Chinese Virus is not your fault! Will be stronger than ever!”


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