Twitter Fight Between Omojuwa And Imam of Peace


Recall that Mandy News reported Mohammad Tawhidi, Imam of Peace, an Iranian-Australian who blasts and mocks Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. On Saturday, 11 April Imam of Peace and Nigerian blogger, Japheth Omojuwa involved in a Twitter battle.

What are Omojuwa and Imam of Peace? Why are they fighting?

The tweet all stated like this;

“I think the only ones worse than basic morons are political morons. You have to be a political moron to believe that Buhari is going to address the country on account of one supposed Imam he has never heard of. You deny your own self-efficacy as a citizen to even think that way!” – Omojuwa said.

“If your President doesn’t know me then how was his office communicating with me regarding conflict resolution in Nigeria? He knows me very well and *if he is a man* let him attack me himself instead of sending Bashir his shoe polisher to block me then attack like a coward.” Imam of Peace said replied.

“Dumb Buharist mocking our $5 donations to many people? Millions in total. Since when was a donation too small?

Also, UK has a total road network of 262,300 miles. US has a road network of 6.5M miles. By your reasoning, that should be impossible. Says a lot about your reasoning,” Imam of Peace said.

“On Twitter, even a lizard deems itself a crocodile. An engagement with a twitter handle
is not the same as communicating with the presidency but you have a $5/head waifs clapping your ego on. Enjoy it. But sensible people aren’t fooled. You Imam of Peace? An oxymoron,” Omojuwa said.

Follow all the Tweets HERE.

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