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Unrecord: The Body-Cam FPS Game That’s Going Viral: The Full Details!

Discover Unrecord, the viral body-cam FPS game with stunning visuals and unique gameplay that’s captivating gamers and sparking controversy.



Unrecord: The Body-Cam FPS Game That's Going Viral: The Full Details!

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  • Unrecord is a realistic, visually stunning body-cam FPS game developed by independent studio DRAMA, featuring a police-centric storyline and unique gameplay mechanics.
  • The game has generated buzz and controversy due to its lifelike graphics, innovative body-cam perspective, and depiction of violence.
  • No official release date or platform information is available yet, but anticipation for the game remains high among gamers.

Unrecord is a highly anticipated body-cam FPS game that has the gaming community buzzing with excitement and some controversy. The game, developed by DRAMA, is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and showcases stunning visuals and a police-centric storyline. With its unique body-cam perspective and realistic gameplay, it has garnered attention from gamers worldwide.

Unrecord: The Body-Cam FPS Game
Unrecord: The Body-Cam FPS Game That's Going Viral: The Full Details! 67

Unrecord’s Trailer

Visual Appeal

The first gameplay trailer of Unrecord left the gaming community in awe with its striking visuals and lifelike graphics. The game’s realistic visual style replicates footage from a body-cam, blurring the line between game and reality.


The trailer features an officer entering a derelict building, engaging in gunfights, and interrogating suspects, all in realistic detail. High-quality lighting and textures make the trailer almost indistinguishable from actual body-cam footage.

Controversial Content

However, the game’s content has sparked controversy, with some gamers expressing discomfort with the police-centric storyline and the game’s depiction of violence. The debate rages on regarding the appropriateness of such content in a world where real-life body-cam footage is often shown on the news.

Gameplay Mechanics

Innovative Gameplay

Unrecord promises innovative gameplay mechanics, including complex dialogues, difficult moral dilemmas, and a unique shooting system that sets it apart from other FPS games.

Moral Dilemmas

Players will be faced with challenging decisions that will impact the game’s outcome, making every choice count.

Unique Shooting System

The game’s unique shooting system allows for a more immersive experience, adding to the game’s realistic appeal.

Storyline and Plot

Investigative Elements

In Unrecord, players will investigate multiple criminal cases, interacting with a diverse cast of characters and unraveling the game’s narrative.

Character Interactions

Players can expect meaningful interactions with the game’s characters, adding depth and complexity to the story.

Plot Twists

The game’s plot will be central to the gameplay experience, with unexpected twists and turns that will keep players engaged and invested in the story.

Body-Cam Perspective

Free-Aiming System

The game’s body-cam viewpoint offers a free-aiming system, allowing for authentic ADS and unrestricted hand movements.

Authentic ADS

The ADS system will provide players with a more genuine shooting experience, adding to the game’s overall realism.

Unrestricted Hand Movements

Players will enjoy the freedom of unrestricted hand movements, further immersing them in the game’s world.

Development Details

Release Date and Platforms

There is no official release date or platform information for Unrecord yet, but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Independent Studio

DRAMA is an independent studio with no publisher, working with a small team to develop this ambitious project. Despite the challenges that come with being an independent developer, the team is dedicated to creating a high-quality, immersive gaming experience.

Unrecord: The Body-Cam FPS Game
Unrecord: The Body-Cam FPS Game That's Going Viral: The Full Details! 68


Unrecord is an innovative and visually stunning body-cam FPS game that has captured the gaming community’s attention. While its realistic visuals and controversial content have sparked debate, the game’s unique gameplay mechanics, intriguing storyline, and immersive body-cam perspective have gamers eagerly anticipating its release. As an independent studio, DRAMA faces challenges in developing the game, but their dedication and passion for the project are evident. Keep an eye out for updates on Unrecord as we eagerly await its arrival.


  1. What is the premise of the game Unrecord? Unrecord is a realistic body-cam FPS game with a police-centric storyline, featuring stunning visuals, unique gameplay mechanics, and an immersive body-cam perspective.
  2. What makes Unrecord unique compared to other FPS games? Unrecord sets itself apart with its body-cam viewpoint, innovative gameplay mechanics, complex narrative, and a unique shooting system.
  3. What are some of the controversial aspects of Unrecord? Some gamers have expressed discomfort with the game’s police-centric storyline and its depiction of violence, sparking a debate about the appropriateness of such content in today’s world.
  4. Who is developing Unrecord? Unrecord is being developed by DRAMA, an independent studio with a small development team and no publisher.
  5. When can we expect Unrecord to be released, and on which platforms? There is currently no official release date or platform information for Unrecord. We will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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