Video Of Alfa And Mad Woman Goes Viral

Video Of Alfa And Mad Woman Goes Viral

Video Of Alfa And Mad Woman Goes Viral

A video of Alfa and a mad woman in south-west Nigeria has gone viral on all social media platforms.

In the footage, a man dressed in traditional attire approaches a woman in an unclean location where she is lying on a concrete floor with her head resting on a mat.

The man, who everyone assumes is an Alfa, looks around multiple times, removes his trousers, and entered the woman for a few seconds in the now-viral video.

The video, which spotted on Azeenaijablog, shows the man cleaning the woman with a white cloth before placing it in a native pot.

The objective of such an act, according to some social media users, is a ritual for money.

A guy and a woman from an adjacent home shot the two-minute video, which can be heard with them murmuring in shock.

“Alfa o,” says a woman, her voice trembling with surprise.

A male can be heard continuously stating, “Ye, he’s sleeping with her, he’s sleeping with her.”

As they watch and video the Alfa in action, the woman advises him, “Stop shouting loudly.”

The woman was shocked by the fact that Alfa, who preaches to others, could commit such an act.

The man filming can be heard constantly screaming out the name of Jesus and exclaiming in surprise.

“This one is taking place right now in Ibadan, o. Jesus Christ.” Ahhhh.

As he continues shooting, the man says, “A man of God for that matter.”

The man walks out of the scene, leaving the insane woman lying in the same place.

As a result, many are disputing whether the video is a parody or real on the internet. At this point, has not authenticated the video’s authenticity.

While searching for “Alfa and mad woman” on Twitter, your favorite blog, Mandy News, was able to find the video.

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