Fact Check: The Video Of A Crying Minister In Niger – Here’s The Real Story


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Amidst the political upheaval in Niger on July 27, 2023, social media was abuzz with numerous videos capturing the multifaceted sentiments of citizens across the country. One video in particular caused quite a stir. Shared by Twitter user Olaudah Equiano® @RealOlaudah, it featured a deeply emotional man, identified as Ahmat Jidoud, the Minister of Finance in Niger.

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The claim attached to the video was severe – Jidoud was given 48 hours by the coup plotters to account for stolen funds or face execution by a firing squad. The man in the video appeared distressed, his tears flowing freely, which drew the sympathy of viewers and caused quite a reaction online.

However, is this claim accurate? MandyNews, a Nigerian news platform, conducted a thorough investigation to verify the authenticity of the claim and the video.

The Claim

The claim that went viral alongside the video was: “Minister of finance in Niger Republic given 48hrs by the coup plotters to account for the stolen money of Niger people or face execution by firing squad.” According to the claim, the video was a response to this ultimatum by the coup leaders.

The Investigation

The MandyNews team carried out a comprehensive investigation into the video and the associated claim. The team found that the video was not a recent one, as it first appeared on Facebook on December 27, 2021, posted by Koïranga Le Futur Magistrat, several months before the coup.

The caption of the original video reads: “Former Minister of Justice Marou Amadou under the magistracy of Issoufou. It was today 27 December 2021 at Bravia Hotel in Niamey.”

The Verdict

The man in the video is not Ahmat Jidoud, the Minister of Finance in Niger. Instead, he is Marou Amadou, the former Nigerien Minister of Justice. Therefore, the claim that Ahmat Jidoud was given 48 hours by the coup leaders to account for stolen funds is false. There is no statement from the coup leaders supporting such a claim.

Marou Amadou was quoted in an August 16, 2012 Washington Post article, stating: “When we cry, we need to be heard by the world.” However, the reason for his tears in the video remains unknown.

Based on our investigation, we conclude that the claim associated with the video is FALSE.

Our Rating: FALSE

The claim that the man crying in the video is Ahmat Jidoud, the Minister of Finance in Niger, who was given 48 hours to account for stolen funds or face execution, is FALSE, based on our research.


  1. Who is the man crying in the video?
    • The man in the video is former Nigerien Minister of Justice, Marou Amadou.
  2. Was Ahmat Jidoud given 48 hours to account for stolen funds?
    • No, this claim is false.
  3. Is the video recent?
    • No, the video first appeared online on December 27, 2021.
  4. Who was the Minister of Finance in Niger before the coup?
    • The Minister of Finance was Ahmat Jidoud.
  5. Who led the coup in Niger?
    • The coup was led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani.
  6. Who was the President of Niger before the coup?
    • Mohamed Bazoum was the democratically-elected President before the coup.
  7. What is the international community’s stance on the coup?
    • The international community, including ECOWAS, has widely condemned the coup.
  8. How has Niger reacted to the coup?
    • The reactions have been mixed, with some citizens supporting the coup while others oppose it.
  9. What is the context of Marou Amadou’s quote “When we cry, we need to be heard by the world”?
    • The context of the quote is unknown as it is from a 2012 article.
  10. Was there a threat of execution for Ahmat Jidoud?
    • No, this claim is false.

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Source: MandyNews.com

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