Video Of Toes Cutting In Zimbabwe Goes Viral

Video Of Toes Cutting In Zimbabwe Goes Viral

Video Of Toes Cutting In Zimbabwe Goes Viral

There’s a new viral video of toes cutting in Zimbabwe trending on social media. 

We already discussed the viral video of Lagos girls having affairs with dogs, which went viral in April.

In May, we discussed the Dubai Potty stories, which describe how African girls travel to the United Arab Emirates to engage in dirty business for a living.

Now it’s June, we’ll talk about the new updates in the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The new update in Southeast Africa now is known as “toes cutting in Zimbabwe“.

What is Toes Cutting In Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, young people are reportedly cutting and selling their toes for money.

A new flourishing market has emerged in Southeast Africa’s countries in which citizens purportedly cut and sell their toes for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Social media has been flooded with the story since last Thursday, according to numerous Zimbabwean news agencies, with news claiming local sellers, particularly those at Ximex Mall in the capital, can’t walk barefoot after selling off their toes.

There are also unverified costs for the big toe (US $40,000), middle toe (US $25,000), and tiny toe (US $10,000) in one of the viral posts on social media.

According to some sources, this act was motivated by the high cost of living and the government’s failure to produce jobs.

Multiple clips of the activity have been observed by In one of the videos, a man can be seen struggling to walk while attempting to climb into his car, which was most likely purchased with the money.

A viral video of a Zimbabwean man trading his huge toes for a Range Rover was also discovered by Mandy News.

Many people are now wondering who is buying the toes in Zimbabwe and what they are used for.

When we’re finished with our investigation, we’ll answer that question in our next post.

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