Fact Check: Viral Video Shows Togo, Not Owo Church Attack

Fact Check: Viral Video Shows Togo, Not Owo Church Attack

Fact Check: Viral Video Shows Togo, Not Owo Church Attack

The claim: A video shows one of the Owo terrorists disabled by a brave policeman moments after the attack at the Catholic church during service in Ondo.

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A video purporting to show one of the alleged church shooters being disabled by a Nigerian police officer has gone viral on social media in the wake of the June 5 shooting at St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, in Nigeria’s southwest region, which resulted in fifty deaths and multiple injuries.

A Twitter user claims the video was shot in Ondo and the law enforcement officer in the video is a Nigerian, while the man holding the gun in a busy area is a terrorist.

The 30-second clip, which was shared on Twitter by self-acclaimed journalist Jerry Edoho on June 5, shows a man in a white shirt standing holding an AK-47 gun in an area that looks like a market as a police officer is seen diving at the man with the gun as he was trying to shoot.

The people in the area, as well as the person filming the video, may be heard speaking a non-Nigerian language.

The video was originally shared on Facebook on June 3, which saw people praising the police officer and demanding that he be promoted for saving lives.

The cropped image from the video also went viral on French Twitter during the weekend.

The video went viral on Nigeria Twitter just a few hours after the Owo church massacre.

However, the video is untrue. The dialect heard in the video is actually Ewe, a Togolese language.

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According to our investigation, a video purporting to show one of the Owo terrorists being incapacitated by Nigerian police is FALSE.

Fact about the video: The man who is wearing a white shirt in the video is named Mouhamed Aboubakar. He is from the Chad Republic but has been in Togo doing business for years. The 51-year-old Chadian stabbed to death a Togolese officer who was trying to stop him from getting into the market with his vehicle. He then took his gun and tried to fire into the market, but he was quickly disabled by another police officer.

Jerry Edoho and the others who shared the posts on Twitter did not respond to requests for comment.

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