Vladimir Putin Speech English Transcript To The Russian Federal Assembly

Vladimir Putin Speech English Transcript To The Russian Federal Assembly

Transcript of Vladimir Putin’s televised address to the Federal Assembly.

Transcript of Vladimir Putin’s televised address to the Federal Assembly.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual message to the Federal Assembly on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at the Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. The ceremony was attended by senators, deputies, and military personnel who participated in a special operation in Ukraine. has published the English transcript of Putin’s speech to the Russian Federal Assembly below.

The President’s message focused on various topics, including special operations, the economy, and the social sphere. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the message’s preparation began a long time ago and involved many divisions of both the presidential and government administrations. The process took place mainly behind closed doors.

During his speech, Putin touched on the current state of affairs in the country and its plans for the future. He emphasized the importance of national security and the need to strengthen Russia’s defense capabilities. The President also discussed various economic issues and outlined measures to improve the country’s social welfare system.

This was Putin’s first message to the Federal Assembly since April 2021. Federal TV channels allotted an hour in their air schedule to broadcast the event, although Peskov noted that “this is a formality,” and the President could speak for longer. Stay tuned to for the latest news and analysis on Russian politics and international affairs.

8374760 21.02.2023 21 февраля 2023. Президент РФ Владимир Путин выступает с ежегодным посланием Федеральному собранию. Сергей Карпухин / POOL
8374760 21.02.2023 21 февраля 2023. Президент РФ Владимир Путин выступает с ежегодным посланием Федеральному собранию. Сергей Карпухин / POOL

Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly – transcript

Vladimir Putin speech began with:

  • “I am speaking at a difficult, milestone time for the country, at a time of cardinal irreversible changes in the world.
  • Putin: Since 2014, Donbass has been fighting for the right to live on its own land, to speak its native language under constant shelling. He believed and expected that Russia would come to the rescue
  • .Putin: The Western rulers’ claim of peace, as we can see, was a hoax. The West increasingly encouraged the Ukrainian regime to carry out terrorist actions in the Donbass. The United States deployed its bases near the borders with Russia. They prepared Ukraine, enslaved by them, for a big war. They admit it openly.
  • We defend not only our positions. In the modern world there should be no division into “civilized” countries and all the rest. We were ready for a constructive dialogue with the West. But in response they received a hypocritical reaction – the expansion of NATO, missile defense systems, the deployment of military contingents. Neither side has hundreds of military bases around the world like the US does. The whole planet is covered.
  • In December 2021, we sent the West a security guarantee agreement, but all positions were refused. The incoming information said that by February everything was ready for another punitive action in the Donbass, against which Kyiv threw artillery, planes, and tanks.
  • They started the war, and we use force to stop it.
  • The next target after the Donbass was an attack on the Crimea and Sevastopol. They are now talking about it openly. We protect our home, and the goal of the West is unlimited power. The West spends $150 billion on the war, and $60 billion on supporting poor countries.
  • Endless accusations against Russia were heard at the Munich Conference. The feeling that this was done so that everyone would forget what the West has been doing in recent decades. And they plunged entire regions into chaos, released gin and bottles. Because trillions of dollars are at stake under the guise of democracy.
  • In the 1930s, the West opened the way for the Nazis to power in Germany. In our time, they made Anti-Russia out of Ukraine. The project is not new. It goes back to the 19th century. It was cultivated in Austria-Hungary, Poland in order to tear the historical regions away from our country. Nothing new. Everyone repeats. The West accelerated this project by supporting the anti-state anti-constitutional coup in 2014 in Kyiv. Russophobia was planted with ideologies.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine use Nazi symbols, do not hide whose heirs they are. The West doesn’t give a damn who to bet on in the fight against Russia. The main thing is to fight against us. So, you can use at least terrorists, at least neo-nazis, at least a bald trait. And in the 1930s and now the idea is the same: to kindle a hotbed of war in the East.
  • The people of Ukraine have become a hostage of the occupational pro-Western regime, which has been plundering its state for decades. Nobody cares about people. They are prepared for slaughter, turned into consumables. Sad, scary to talk about it, but true. The responsibility for the escalation lies with the West and the Kiev regime, for which its own people are a stranger.
  • The more long-range systems fall back on Ukraine, the further we will be forced to push the threat away from our borders.
  • The elites of the West want to turn a local conflict into a global confrontation. It is about the existence of our country. But they understand that it is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield. Hence the information attacks, lies, distortion of historical facts, attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church, culture.
  • I would like to tell the West – look at the main books of world religions. It says that the family is the union of a man and a woman. But even these sacred values ​​are questioned. The British Church is considering the idea of ​​a gender-neutral God. Forgive me Lord, they don’t know what they’re doing. The elites of the West are going crazy, leading people to disaster. And we will protect our children from degradation and degeneration.
  • The West is trying to undermine our society. But traitors will be held accountable. We will not arrange a witch hunt for those who have abandoned their homeland. Let them live with it. The main thing is that the citizens of Russia gave them a moral assessment. We are proud that the Russians understood our actions in Donbas and supported us. This is a manifestation of patriotism, a feeling that is historically inherent in our people.
  • I want to thank our people for their courage and determination. Thank the fighters, volunteers, patriots. I would like to apologize for not being able to name everyone during the speech. When I was preparing the performance, I wrote a long list of heroic units, then took them out, because it was impossible to name them all. I was afraid not to name someone.
  • Low bow to the families of those who defend Donbass, doctors, builders, rural workers, teachers, cultural figures, volunteers, journalists. Especially those who work on the front lines. I thank the military priests, civil servants and entrepreneurs who fulfill their professional civil and human duty. 
  • Special words of gratitude to the residents of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. You yourself made your choice in conditions when there were military actions nearby. But you decided to be with Russia, with your Motherland.
  • Special words of gratitude to the residents of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. You yourself made your choice in conditions when there were military actions nearby. But you decided to be with Russia, with your Motherland.
  • We will implement infrastructure projects in new regions of Russia. Build roads, as they did in the Crimea, which now has a land connection with Russia. We will do everything so that the long-awaited peace returns to our land, the safety of people is ensured. For this, for their ancestors, for the future of children and grandchildren, for the reunification of peoples, fighters, our heroes, fight. I ask you to honor the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives for this, the civilians who died at the hands of neo-Nazis and punishers…
  • I understand how hard it is for the families of the fallen soldiers. Our duty is to support them. Help them raise their children, give them education and a profession. The family of each member of the NWO should be surrounded by care and honor. Their needs must be addressed immediately. 
  • I propose to create a special state fund for targeted personal assistance to the families of those killed and injured during the SVO. He will coordinate the support presentation. I ask the government and the State Council to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Each veteran should be assigned a personal health worker, a coordinator who will solve emerging issues in personal communication. As early as this year, the fund’s structures should be deployed in all regions of the Russian Federation.
  • Every fighter should have the opportunity to visit family.
  • The programs for the development of the armed forces should be based on real combat experience. He is priceless. Officers and sergeants who have shown themselves to be competent commanders will be sent to military educational institutions as a priority. and should be in demand both in the army and in civilian life. The Motherland will appreciate their contribution to the defense of the Fatherland.
  • We will strengthen guarantees for labor collectives. I propose launching a special program to create preferential rental housing for defense industry workers. The rental rate will be lower than the market rate, as part of the payment will be taken over by the government. We will start building such housing, primarily in defense cities.
  • The West has also deployed an economic front against us. But the organizers of the sanctions are punishing themselves. Provoke rising prices, closure of enterprises, energy crisis. And they say that the Russians are to blame. They tried to break ties with Russian companies, disconnect them from financial communication channels, disconnect them from the markets. This is the theft of our foreign exchange reserves. Attempts to collapse the ruble and provoke destructive inflation. Their goal is to make our citizens suffer. Such humanists.
  • In March, a program to support the economy for 1 trillion rubles was adopted. We were predicted an economic downturn of up to 10%. But GDP fell by 2.2%. Despite the fact that in February-March they predicted a collapse for us. Russian business has rebuilt logistics, changed partners to reliable ones. Settlements in rubles doubled and amounted to a third of all. and with the currencies of friendly countries – more than half. We will continue to form a stable, secure system of settlements independent of the Western system and currencies.
  • Defense is a priority. But we are not going to destroy the country’s economy. Thus, the basic sectors of the economy increased their performance. The delivery of housing has exceeded 100 million square meters. Agriculture showed a two-fold growth, for which we bow to them.
  • We have every opportunity to make a breakthrough in other areas as well. We have achieved a reduction in unemployment. Before the pandemic, we had 4.7% unemployment, and now it is 3.7%.
  • You have reached a new level of economic development – the production of goods with high added value. This year, a solid demand for domestic producers is forecast. Our companies are ready to occupy the niches vacated after the withdrawal of Western companies.
  • I draw your attention to the fact that the meaning of our work is not to adapt to current conditions, but to bring the economy to new frontiers. Now everything is changing very quickly. This is a time of opportunity.
  • We will build new logistics links. Build roads to the East, develop a dig. We will pay special attention to the international North-South corridor. This will open up opportunities for cooperation with India, Iran, the countries of Southeast Asia. Our plans include building up the capabilities of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Northern Sea Route. The infrastructure of the regions will receive a powerful impetus. In 2024, at least 85% of regional roads will be brought to a standard condition. We will continue the free gasification program and expand it to social facilities. For citizens, such a program will operate on an ongoing basis.
  • We have been investing trillions of rubles in housing and communal services for 10 years.
  • We will expand the preferential industrial mortgage program. In industrial clusters, the tax burden has been reduced. They receive long-term orders and subsidies.
  • I ask the government to lend a shoulder to business, provide support measures, including tax incentives.
  • Starting this year, companies can reduce income tax payments if they purchase domestic IT products. I propose extending the exemption for the purchase of domestic high-tech products.
  • There will be new sources of investment financing. Banks work stably and steadily. Last year, the volume of loans to the industrial sector grew by 14%. This is more than in 2021 without any SVO. Development is underway. The banking sector worked with a profit of 203 billion rubles. This is also an indicator of Russia’s financial stability. Inflation for the quarter will approach the target of 4%, while in some EU countries up to 17%.
  • Loans for the real sector should become more accessible. Long-term savings are sources of financing loans. I ask the government to launch a state program to attract savings and guarantee the safety of citizens’ finances.
  • Separate solutions are needed for high-tech business. For them, we will provide for the placement of shares on the domestic market. The most important element of economic sovereignty is private business. He knows how to adapt to changing conditions.
  • It is necessary to revise the norms of criminal legislation regarding economic crimes. We need to move towards decriminalization. We need government measures to deoffshorize. Business must operate in Russian jurisdiction – this is a basic principle.
  • After the collapse of the USSR, its planned system in conditions of chaos, the country created a market economy. Western countries serve as an example. It would seem to just copy. But something happened – our national economy became oriented towards the West. as a source of raw materials. The reasons are also clear – the new emerging Russian business was aimed at making a profit. Fast and easy. Therefore, more complex sectors of the economy developed poorly. It took years, massive changes and investments to break the trend. And there is a result.
  • Technologies and equipment were bought in the West. And instead of buying domestic, the money was spent on estates, yachts, foreign real estate. Especially at first. And where there is wealth, there are children, their education, their life and future. Recent events have shown that a safe haven abroad is an illusion. The West robbed, took away even legally earned money.
  • None of the ordinary citizens of the country felt sorry for those who lost their capital in foreign banks, who lost their yachts and palaces. And in conversations in the kitchen, they probably remembered both the privatization of the 1990s and the ostentatious luxury of the new elites.
  • The West has provoked conflicts, used means of economic deterrence all these years. And big business is responsible for the strategic enterprises of thousands of teams. This means that when the leaders and owners of such a business are dependent on the West, it is a danger to the country. Such a situation cannot be tolerated.
  • Everyone has their own choice. You can stay in your arrested castle with arrested accounts. But you have to understand that they are second class there. But there is another choice: to be with your Motherland, to work for compatriots. Open new businesses, change the life around you. We have many such real entrepreneurs-fighters. Behind them is the future of domestic business. The sources of well-being and the future should be only here, in Russia. Then we will create a solid economy.
  • The capital earned here must remain here. It is pointless to run and humiliate yourself before the West, begging for your money. Do not try for the past, try to sue something. We need to change our lives and work. Especially since you are strong people, I am addressing business representatives. Launch new projects, earn money and invest in Russia. Help schools and universities, science and healthcare, culture and sports. So multiply capitals, and earn the gratitude of people. And the state will support you. Let’s take this as a guide to business.
  • This civilization was passed down to us by our ancestors. And we must save and pass on. We will develop relations with friends, but first of all we will rely on our own potential, traditions and values. Our people have always been distinguished by generosity and mercy. Russia knows how to be friends. Always came to the rescue. For example, in the case of earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. The people are the source of power. Rights are inviolable and guaranteed by the Constitution. Despite the threats, we will not retreat from them.
  • Presidential elections in 2023 and 2024 will be held strictly in accordance with the law.
  • I would like to quote Stolypin: “In the matter of defending Russia, we must all unite, coordinate efforts, duties and rights to maintain one historical supreme right – the right of Russia to be strong.”
  • Among the volunteers there are deputies, representatives of authorities of all levels and all parties. Public associations help with the collection of goods in the NWO. Once again, kudos to you all.
  • The education system and culture are important to reinforce our values. The Presidential Grants Fund and other tools will support all forms of creative research. It is necessary to awaken the best human qualities in society. The development of the cultural sphere will become one of the priorities for restoring peaceful life in the Donbass.
  • We must improve the quality of education in schools and universities so that young people can learn more about the history of Russia. We have a young bright generation that is ready to participate in the development of the country. For such active people, the competitions “Leaders of Russia”, “Leaders of Revival” open the doors. The winners and finalists of the competitions volunteered to help establish a peaceful life. Act professionally and courageously.
  • Those who were born and raised in the Donbass, who fought for it, should become the backbone of the development of the territory. Russia is counting on you.
  • We need to give scientists more freedom to be creative. Fundamental science should work for the following areas: transport, energy, housing and communal services, medicine, agriculture, industry.
  • In December, I met with young scientists. Their problem is housing. I instruct the government to determine the reserves for expanding the relevant program. The prestige of secondary education has grown. The demand for college graduates has grown tremendously. We must significantly expand the project of professionalism, within the framework of which educational clusters are being created together with enterprises. The goal is to train 1 million specialists for the electronics, robotics, nuclear and other industries in 5 years. Key to the sovereignty and competitiveness of Russia.
  • There are changes in higher education. I propose to return to the country’s traditional basic training of specialists in higher education. The term of study can be from 4 to 6 years within the same specialty and the university may have different programs depending on the profession, industry and market demand. If the profession requires additional training, then a person can pursue education in the magistracy and postgraduate studies. Postgraduate studies will be separated into a separate structure of education. The transition to the new system should be smooth.
  • Those students who are studying now can continue their education in existing programs. I ask the ONF to take control of all changes in higher education.
  • Spending on supporting families in Russia has increased significantly in recent years. It is the fastest growing section of the budget. Since February 1, mother’s capital has been indexed by 11.9%. Residents of new regions also have the right to this. I propose to provide maternity capital to Donbass families whose children have been born since 2007, when the program began to operate in Russia. We also extended the program to residents of Crimea and Sevastopol.
  • The minimum wage last year was raised twice by 20%. We will continue to raise it, at a rate higher than inflation. From January 1 next year, I offer an additional increase of 10%. The minimum wage will increase by 18.5% and will amount to more than 19 thousand rubles.
  • Since last year, families with 2 or more children have been exempted from taxes when selling a home and buying a larger one. I propose to increase the size of the social tax deduction for the education of children. It is necessary to raise not only the amount of the deduction, but also to increase the demand for it so that it is provided proactively – quickly and remotely.
  • Funds for national projects, which are reserved for 2024, the regions will be able to receive now through interest-free budget loans, and in April next year they will be automatically repaid. We do not need storming and the pursuit of volumes. There must be a high return. This is especially true for the modernization of primary health care.
  • We launched a school renovation program. 3500 schools will be updated in a year. Most of them are in rural areas. Starting in 2025, federal funds for the repair of schools and kindergartens will be allocated on a regular basis to prevent situations when buildings are in an emergency. This year we will introduce 400 new schools.
  • We are additionally allocating 250 billion rubles for the development of transport, utilities and other infrastructure. I instruct the government to allocate an additional 50 billion rubles. They will be used to upgrade the transport system in the regions. I ask you to pay special attention to small towns and rural areas.
  • We have extended the Clean Air program. We will continue the landfill elimination program. We will continue the improvement of Lake Baikal, the Volga, and expand it to the Volga, Neva and other rivers. A draft law on the development of tourism in specially protected natural areas has been prepared. It determines what can be built and what cannot. I ask the State Duma to expedite consideration of the bill.
  • In early February, NATO demanded a return to the implementation of the strategic offensive nuclear arms treaty, including inspections of our facilities. This is a theater of the absurd. The West is directly involved in the attempts of the Kyiv regime to strike at our strategic aviation. And now they also want to inspect our defense facilities. This sounds like bullshit. The West does not allow us to conduct the same inspections. NATO’s goal is to defeat Russia and at the same time they want to visit our facilities? Do they want to poke their nose at our new ground-based centers?
  • NATO actually made an application to become a party to the Strategic Nuclear Arms Treaty. This question is long overdue. After all, NATO consists of the nuclear countries of the United States, France, Great Britain. They develop, improve and are directed against us.
  • The US has withdrawn from the ABM treaty. Our relationship has deteriorated. And this is the merit of the United States, which began to revise the results of the Second World War, to build a world where there is only one owner – the United States. Planned a series of wars around the world to break the architecture of world relations. After the collapse of the USSR, they are striving to fix their dominance.
  • It is unacceptable that the United States is rebuilding the world order exclusively for itself. And now ultimatums are being put forward through NATO: “Follow our demands, and we will do what we want.” This is either the height of hypocrisy and cynicism, or stupidity. Don’t call them idiots.
  •  Russia suspends participation in the strategic offensive arms treaty. It doesn’t exit, it stops. But to return the discussion, we must understand what NATO is counting on.
  • The expiration date of nuclear weapons in the United States. And individuals in Washington are working on new types of nuclear weapons. We must be prepared to test new types of weapons if the US does. Not the first. No one should be under the illusion that global nuclear parity can be destroyed.
  • Cohesion manifested itself from the first days of the NWO. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers came to the military registration and enlistment offices to fight for truth and justice. They fight shoulder to shoulder. All of them are for the Victory, for comrades-in-arms, for the Motherland.

Credit to Sergey Leonov author at AIF and YouTube video source: Arguments and facts – AiF

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