Watch: Moment Elderly Man Pushed By Police Buffalo, Starts Bleeding From Head


A Disturbing video from WBFO-FM in Buffalo, NY shows an elderly man walk up to police in riot gear. An officer pushed the man he falls backwards, hits his head starts bleeding immediately, David Begnaud reports.

A video sighted from David Begnaud Twitter page shows the moment a police officer pushed an elderly man to the ground and he starts bleeding.

Reports say the man has suffered a laceration & possible concussion.

David also added that Buffalo’s police commissioner orders immediate Internal Affairs investigation into this incident: 2 officers shoving an elderly man, who walked up to them, to the ground.

Kacey Musgraves said: “I just called Buffalo Police Dept. @BPDAlerts to demand the firing of Officer Aaron Torgalski (the one who seriously hurt the elderly man & wouldn’t help him) They told me to call Buffalo Police HQ about it instead. In case anyone feels as sickened as I do: (716) 851-4444”

At the time of this report, the 2 Buffalo police officers have been suspended after protester injured at Niagara Square demonstration.

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