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Why Davido’s ‘Unavailable’ Lost The Grammys – And Why He Should Have Won

Davido’s song ‘Unavailable’ didn’t win a Grammy. looks at why it should have won, because of how popular and good it is.



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“Why didn’t Davido win a Grammy?”

This is a big question after the 2024 Grammy Awards. Davido, a very famous singer from Nigeria, was up for three awards. But he didn’t win any of them. Now, many people are talking about this. They are asking questions about how the Grammys choose who wins.

The superstar’s groundbreaking work went unrecognized in the winning categories. Despite being nominated for Best Global Music Performance, Best African Music Performance, and Best Global Music Album, Davido returned empty-handed.

Davido is known all over the world for his music, especially Afrobeats. But he didn’t get a Grammy. This makes us think. What does a singer like Davido have to do to get noticed and win at the Grammys?

Here’s Why Davido Didn’t Win, and Why He Should Have

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Why Davido’s 'Unavailable' Lost The Grammys - And Why He Should Have Won 65


The Grammys’ Choices and Music Styles

Even though Davido’s fans were sad he didn’t win, some people who watch the Grammys a lot weren’t surprised. The Grammys often like certain types of music more than others. Afrobeats, the kind of music Davido makes, is still new to them. This might be why he didn’t win, even though he is very famous and many people love his music.

Grammys’ Voting Process

The Grammy Awards have a lot of people, more than 12,000, who decide who wins. These people vote in the big categories and also in the types of music they know best. But some people say this way of choosing winners isn’t fair to Black artists. They think the Grammys don’t always recognize the best work of these artists.

Artists Who Faced Similar Situations

Many famous artists have had the same problem as Davido at the Grammys. Some of these artists are:

  • Beyoncé: Even though she’s very popular and makes great music, she has lost in big categories.
  • Kendrick Lamar: A well-known rapper who has been nominated many times but hasn’t won as much as people expect.
  • Nicki Minaj: A famous rapper who has been nominated several times but hasn’t won a Grammy.
  • Snoop Dogg: He has been nominated many times but has never won a Grammy.

This shows that Davido’s experience is part of a bigger problem with how the Grammys choose winners.

Nigerian Artists and the Grammy Awards

Nigerian artists often find it hard to win at the Grammy Awards. A good example is Burna Boy. He was nominated but didn’t win at first. He lost to Angelique Kidjo, a very respected artist. This was tough for Burna Boy and his fans.

But things changed for Burna Boy. He worked with P Diddy, a famous music producer, and then he won a Grammy. This win was a big deal. It showed that Nigerian artists can win at the Grammys, but it’s not easy.

Grammys Hard for Nigerian Singers

At the Grammy Awards, Nigerian singers often don’t win the biggest prizes. They get noticed for their kind of music but usually don’t win the award.

Davido, a famous singer from Nigeria, knows this well. He was up for three big Grammy Awards: Best Global Music Album for “Timeless,” Best African Music Performance for “Unavailable,” and Best Global Music Performance for “Feel.” But he didn’t win any of these.

This isn’t just about Davido. Many singers from Nigeria have the same problem. They get picked for awards and people like their music, but winning the Grammy Awards is very hard.

Why Davido Should Have Won a Grammy

Davido is a very famous singer in Afrobeats music. He was up for three big Grammy Awards. Many people think he should have won because of his great album “Timeless” and how popular he is.

The Album ‘Timeless’

“Timeless” is Davido’s album with many good songs. These songs are loved by people all over the world. The album has fast and slow songs, showing how good Davido is at making different kinds of music.

Davido is Very Popular

Davido is not just famous in Nigeria; people in many countries know him. He has a lot of fans who follow him on social media. He is more popular than some of the singers who won the Grammys.

His Music is Important

Davido’s music is special. It’s not just for fun; it’s important for African music. He helps people all over the world listen to and like African music. If he won a Grammy, it would show that his music and African music are really good.

This version uses basic English to explain why Davido was deserving of a Grammy, focusing on his album “Timeless,” his global popularity, and the importance of his music. Let me know if you need any further changes!

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