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Why I Deleted My Nairaland Account

Why I Deleted My Nairaland Account



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On January 18th, 2023, I made the decision to delete my Nairaland account.

Since joining Nairaland in 2010, I have had the opportunity to help many amazing individuals through my tips, tutorials, how-to guides, listicles, and explainers, mostly on travel. Thanks to my contributions on the platform, numerous people have even been able to travel successfully using my travel tips. I have much to be grateful for in my time as a user on the biggest forum in Africa. 

However, due to recent events, I have decided to leave the platform. The actions and activities on Nairaland in recent months go against my personal beliefs and values as a peaceful individual, and also my privacy concerns.

Although I did not have a large following on Nairaland, I was a part of a close-knit community where I had built strong connections with other users. I will miss the interactions with those who appreciated my content, and I hope to reconnect with all of you on other platforms.

If you’re on Twitter, please feel free to connect with me there. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a platform similar to Nairaland, I would recommend giving Quora a try. I have been enjoying it myself.

Now, I would like to explain the reason why I permanently deleted my Nairaland account on Wednesday night.

Rampant Hatred and Divisive Language

The forum has increasingly become a breeding ground for hateful rhetoric. The use of derogatory language and the spread of misinformation have created an unwelcoming atmosphere. This toxicity has stifled diverse opinions, making it challenging for many users to express themselves freely.

Prevalence of Bigotry

Nairaland has shown a worrying trend of bigotry. Discriminatory comments, whether racist, sexist, or otherwise, are not only offensive but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes. This environment of intolerance is contrary to the principles of respectful and constructive discourse.

Anti-Igbo Sentiment

A specific concern is the significant anti-Igbo sentiment present on the forum. The targeting of the Igbo community through derogatory comments and misinformation is deeply troubling. Such discrimination is not only unacceptable but also damages the forum’s integrity.

Inadequate Privacy Measures

Another major concern is the lack of robust privacy protections. Personal information, including email addresses and phone numbers, appears vulnerable. This has real-world implications, including potential harassment and privacy breaches. My personal experience of receiving unsolicited messages, likely due to leaked information from the platform, was a decisive factor in my departure.


I deleted my Nairaland account because of several key issues. Online communities should be about inclusivity and respect, not hate and bigotry. Also, user privacy and security are crucial. A safe, inclusive space allows for meaningful conversations and understanding. Strong privacy measures protect users from harassment and abuse.

When I joined Nairaland, I knew little about Nigeria’s civil war and complex history. I thought Nigeria was united, but the forum showed me the ethnic divisions and stereotypes. The information on Nairaland, which I never learned in school, changed my view of Nigeria and its people, unfortunately in a negative way.

One of the main reasons I joined Nairaland was to share my travel experiences and document my journey as I aspire to travel the world. However, I quickly discovered that the forum had a disproportionate number of negative individuals, who greatly outweighed the positive ones. This made it difficult for me to engage in meaningful discussions about my travel experiences and made the platform less enjoyable to use.

There was a time when I almost committed suicide because I wore a pride dress, which was my first time learning about the meaning behind the rainbow colors. I was subjected to a lot of hate and discrimination on the platform. It was hard for me to cope for several days because people were cursing me out and calling me all sorts of names.

The hate and discrimination had a severe impact on my mental health and well-being. Despite the fact that I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, I was bullied and harassed for putting on a dress I bought with my hard-earned money, and I had no idea what was written on it. I was unable to convince anyone that I am not a member of the LGBTQ community. I took a break for a while from the platform until I came back; it was hard, but I needed to take care of my mental health before I could engage on the platform again.

I came back and made several posts that couldn’t make it to the front page, and I noticed a lot has changed on the platform; almost every news item that makes it to the front page of the forum is toxic and negative, which will either ruin your happiness or make you dislike some certain people or humans.

When I first joined the Nairaland forum, it was a place where people shared information and tips to solve problems and help each other out. However, over time, the focus of the forum shifted towards politics and it has become a platform for promoting disunity in the country. It’s filled with political discussions that are often divisive and toxic, rather than constructive and informative.

The discussions are mostly based on personal opinions and political affiliations, rather than facts and evidence. I find it disappointing and frustrating that the forum has deviated from its original purpose and is now being used to spread misinformation and fuel divisions within the country.

This is my own personal experience, and I can write a whole book about it, but I will stop here. I have no bad motives towards the platform, but I urge the owner of the forum to do better. 

This article is written by Mandy News’ Collins WeGlobe, mostly known in the travel section. 

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