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Why I Quit Twitter After 12 Years — My 10 Good Reasons

  • I decided to quit Twitter after 12 years, it was causing me anxiety 
  • My experience on Twitter; It made me forget who I was  
  • I was able to focus on my prayers to God and read books

Twitter was launched on March 21, 2006, by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Biz Stone, I started a Twitter account in January 2008 while I was in Benin city, Edo state.

My name’s Collins, and I’m a Twitter addict.

And lately, I have this recurring nightmare where the only phrases I can speak are things I’ve read on Twitter. my brain would keep banging thinking about what to tweet next.

I do ask myself, Why am I participating in this world of Twitter full of hatred and bitterness?

So I quit.

Eventually, Twitter to me was no longer fun or challenging and was causing me nothing but anxiety, and making me angry. Everyone is scared to interact positively because of daily call-out happening on the platform.

I’m happy now that I can do without Twitter. Anyway, I am not an influencer on the platform, but I love to post about my travels, my articles, my daily food, and good times with few people I know.

So I spent 72hours off Twitter and I haven’t posted a tweet. I can honestly say for more than 12 years I spent on Twitter, I had written over 200,000 tweets.

Me, Collins WeGlobe I was not aware that one day I would be saying bye to this social media platform once occupied my life.

I had an average of 100 tweets a day — while I was blogging on MandyNews, WeGobe and LifeDrama, also making travels thread.

At first, here’s why I love Twitter

    1. I love food — you see a different type of food on the timeline
    2. There are people who will correct you when you write wrong.
    3. I love to read about politics
    4. I love to learn and meet great people — Twitter was made up of learnt and educated people.
    5. Twitter is the best place for marketing if you know how to run it.
    6. Celebrities— In 2012, there were so many celebrities on Twitter you can interact with positively I have been mentioned by my favourite celebrities multiple times.

All these I listed above used to be positively daily activities but to me, I think Twitter Nigeria has lost its usefulness. It now seems to house a society based on virtue signalling and call-out culture — toxic, false rape allegations and clout chasing.

Lastly, here’s why I dislike Twitter NG and lost its usefulness

  1. Influencers— Nowadays everyone wants to be an influencer by making erotic tweets
  2. Giveaways— Yes, all the giveaways you see on Twitter are fake none is real except for Don Jazzy and Mazi
  3. Ibadan, Kwara and Ondo— These are the people who spoiled Twitter NG with their senseless and attention-seeking thread.
  4. Feminists—35% of NG Twitter users have rainbow emoji on their bio. to them, it means feminism attacking men on every thread and displaying their bitterness towards men
  5. False Rape accusations— You saw what happened to D’Banj, the doctor in the UK and the guy who committed suicide last week. There are hundreds of false rape accusations flying daily on Twitter because they want to trend.
  6. Clout chasing— These days people are making a false thread of things that never happened because of clout
  7. Fake Accounts— Most of the beautiful girls account on Twitter are run by guys that’s why all my years on Twitter, I’d rather chat with unattractive girls than the ones with beautiful profile picture.
  8. Fake News— The are a lot of fake news from unreliable media sources on Twitter
  9. Opinion—Twitter users will take one thing a person has said and distort it entirely, and then, turn that person into a caricature (which is another way of dehumanizing that person). Instead of embracing complexity and nuance and engaging healthily and respectfully, they annihilate and trash that person for merely having a different opinion than they hold, Jessica Lynn said.

Why did I decide to leave Twitter? Because I want to, and I need to. Lastly, I’m SICK of it.

1. It’s Too toxic!!

If you have even a little bit of experience with Twitter NG, you would know that the world of Twitter Nigeria is filled with toxic people.

2. Clout chasing

A Nigerian rapper, Mode 9 once said; “they rather sell their souls just to trend on Twitter” I will say it even at a gunpoint, that most of the things you see on Twitter, they are all lies. People are using false rape allegations for clout, false stories, false pictures and false videos because they want to trend.

3. Catfishing

Yes, I know most people don’t know about this. This day’s everybody wants to be an influencer because they all believe Mr. Pamilerin bought a car by promoting for people on Twitter. Someone would create more than 10 accounts then start tweeting about erotic content and you see people rushing to follow the next day he or she has become an influencer with a catfishing account.

4. I’m wasting too much time

Twitter entices us with easily digested attention grabbers. As our brains continue to be overstimulated with rapidly changing new contents, we crave for news more shocking, stories more ridiculous, and videos more hilarious to keep our attention up. Our minds become the ride at Six Flags with cascades of waterfalls where one can barely grasp onto anything. Any content longer than 100 words becomes cumbersome as riptides continue to hit our faces when we try to stay focused. I laugh stupidly almost every day while holding scrolling, I’m always unfocused, not praying, not thinking right and all I care about is tweeting daily.

5. Feminists coven

Yes, feminists coven is used to describe a group of ladies on Twitter which aim is to bring down men with false accusations. They are very bitter and unhappy with men. Few of them do come to my DM with a tempting question like; “Collins, what is your take on that thread?” they want me to make comment about a certain thread about rape accusations so they can paint me a bad guy, I respect women a lot, I hate to see women being hurt and I hate to see women accused men falsely.

6. Twitter cult

Almost everyone on Twitter with over 15,000 followers belongs to a group masquerading themselves as ‘influencers’.  I decided that it was time for me to leave the easy satisfaction, in that group, a person would tweet irrelevantly like a bait to catch fish, the cult members would run under the post jumping and dancing like a monkey with banana “mad o, loud o, lol” the pursuit of fake comments instead of true value and appreciation.

7. Licking butt

Average Nigerian is good at licking butt all they want is a financial sacrifice. A Nigerian can kill his love ones so far you give him money. That’s what happens on Twitter daily because of giveaways people don’t have respect for themselves and their family. They post their wives and children on every thread because of giveaways, people have become slaves to the money they lick the butt of everyone doing giveaways on Twitter.

8. Celebrities Stans

Stans are those people who can do anything for their favourite celebrity because of the love they have for them. On Twitter NG, the biggest fanbase is Wizkid FC and Titans. The daily fight and comparison is between Wizkid and Davido, Mercy Eke and Tacha. Though the fans are very toxic you can’t criticize their favourite they would come for you, flood your TL, DM and report your account. I’m SICK of it.

9. No respect

The only people they respect on Twitter NG are the ones doing giveaways starting from Don Jazzy and few others. Nigeria Twitter users don’t have respect for anyone trash-talking, trolling, insulting and making negative comments about someone’s else opinion.

10. PDP And APC Followers

I have never seen citizens as gullible as Nigerians. APC followers are the set of people who were placed on a monthly payment of 60 euro to defend Buhari administration while PDP followers are those that are not benefiting from the government. PDP want APC members to make mistake so they can make a thread and mock them while APC members want the same from PDP. I’m SICK of it, none of them is fighting for the betterment of the country and the truth is, Nigeria is more divided than ever.

What people say about my post

Can’t I just take a photo, post, and be done? No. Everyone would say I am living a fake life for being too photogenic and because I couldn’t give them the money they ask.

I came to the conclusion that I feel the happiest and most alive when I don’t do all these things. But I am already living an absolutely mental, exhausting, incredible life and I’m very very thankful for that. I should be everything but not depressed because of some strangers who use abusive words to troll me. I truly want to share more, but neither I want to feel pressured to do so. My creativity, motivation and true happiness lies within being outdoors, creating, reading books, music and being surrounded by inspiring people. This is what I want to focus on and nothing else.

According to John Podhoretz of a New York Times, “Twitter has an oversoul now, and the oversoul is poisonous. It ­rewards bad rhetorical behaviour, it privileges outrage of any sort over the reason of all sorts, and it encourages us to misunderstand each other. It’s the devil on our shoulder.”

‘We see the youngest generation lured into the world of fast everything. Book read is in decline, and isn’t it much harder to learn about and reflect on how far we have come as a civilization when screens full of videos of the latest Twitter dance continue to distract us?

How long do we have to let the scrolling take away the join of real-life conversations with meaningful content? How long are we going to let algorithms make our choices for us? How long will we allow these photoshopped and twisted images to poison generations of men and women to pursue unhealthy beauty standards? How long will we let fake news from unreliable media sources twist our judgment? How long do we have to endure the rage of the Incels? How long do we have to present that we are happy, yet asking if there is true happiness lies within this digital world?’ Doris Zhou asked.

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