Why Young Thug Was Denied Bond

Why Young Thug Was Denied Bond

Why Young Thug Was Denied Bond

The American rapper Young Thug has been denied a bond by Judge Ural D. Glanville of the Superior Court District Atlanta Circuit in Georgia.

Judge Ural D. Glanville, who was on his way to releasing Young Thug, made his decision on the bond after hearing what appeared to be convincing testimony from the prosecution.

He informed the judge that they had witnesses willing to testify about Thug’s alleged offenses.

Why was Young Thug in prison?

On May 9, Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 other YSL associates were charged on RICO charges, with Thug facing additional gun and narcotics accusations after being apprehended at his house.

Why was Young Thug denied bail?

Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, was denied bail in his RICO case on Thursday (June 2) due to a fear of public safety and a flight risk.

Don Geary, the prosecutor, informed the court the following.

  • “We have taken proffers from fellow gang members from Mr. Williams”
  • “Some are on this indictment, some are not. They have stated formally that Mr. Williams is dangerous, they are afraid of him, that if they cross him, he will kill them and their family. And they were very clear about that.”

Watch the video below.

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