Wicked Feminist And Bully Alpha Male — Twitter Generation Of Confused Youths

Wicked Feminist And Bully Alpha Male

Why is this generation so obsessed with normalizing rude behavior?

It’s a complicated question. But one part of the answer may be because of social media.

A man who is born of a woman will wake up every morning and log on to Twitter to lecture other men on how to maltreat & disrespect women.

According to the new generation Twitter, it’s called Alpha Male.

A woman who came to this life with the help of a man will go on Twitter and teach young girls how to hate men.

According to the new generation Twitter, it’s called feminist.

In this article, we will talk about feminist vs alpha male.

What Is A An Alpha Male?

According to the Cambridge university dictionary, the most successful and powerful man in any group. a strong and successful man who likes to be in charge of others is called an alpha male.

A real alpha male respect, honor and protect women. 

What Is A Feminist?

According to the vocabulary dictionary, A feminist is someone who supports equal rights for women.

A real feminist does not hate men, doesn’t like to fight, is not angry or bitter.

Real feminist works towards equality, not female superiority.

According to an article written by, real feminists respect individuals, informed choices and believe there shouldn’t be a double standard in judging a person.

Let take a look at the alpha male and feminist on Nigeria Twitter space.

Nigerian feminists are awful, confused & bitter.

Nigerian alpha males are bullies.


This is a developing report.

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