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World’s Largest Aircraft Antonov 225 Destroyed By Russia

World’s Largest Aircraft Antonov 225 Destroyed By Russia



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After its construction in 1988 and flying for 34 years, the Antonov 225 has now been confirmed as destroyed.

Reports first emerged of the aircraft’s potential destruction on the 24th of February. We were then reassured by many that this was not, in fact, the case and that it had actually survived.

This turned out to be false and the Antonov 225 was destroyed at Hostimel airport on February the 24th, 2022.

It’s confirmed that the hangar that the Antonov 225 was reported to be in has now been destroyed. This comes after an attack on Hostimel airport commenced on Thursday.

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The antonov 225 was developed from the antonov 124 and featured six engines instead of the four used on the antenna of one to four. It also featured a larger fuselage and wing, as well as having the dual t-tail design, which adds increased stability as it flies.

The Antonov 225 was originally built by the Soviet Union to carry the Buran space shuttle, which completed one successful flight before being suspended in 1993 with the fall of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union fell, Antonov became Ukrainian and the aircraft could be rented out for thirty thousand dollars an hour. It carried many world record-breaking items, such as four tanks weighing over 250 tons in 2001.

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what is antonov 225?

The Antonov 225, at 275 feet (69 meters) long and nearly 70 feet (21 meters) tall, is the only remaining aircraft with the world’s highest payload capacity.

What is antonov 225 used for?

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The importance of this aircraft for Antonov Airways and the world is monumental. If a global company needs a large and heavy part like an engine or a generator delivered very quickly, they’d use the Antonov An225 to do it. Otherwise, trying to deliver the generator via cargo ships or, god forbid, trains, aircraft measures on average 145 feet (44 meters) in length and is only about 38 feet (11 and a half meters) tall.

Antonov 225 details

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The wingspan of the Antonov An225 stands at 290 feet (84 meters), even though its wingspan is surpassed by two other planes. The Hughes h4 spruce goose and the strato launch Oh, and when it comes to length, the Antonov 225 has no rival. It’s the longest plane that man has ever built. To put it into comparison, it has an empty weight of 285 tons. If you were to put two of the largest animals that have ever roamed this earth together, the blue whale and the camel, they could still come up short.

Antonov 225 takeoff details

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Even if you were to load a 355-ton of cargo, like a giant tractor or a giant part of a manufacturing machine, the plane could still take off without a problem. That’s because it has a max takeoff weight of 640 tons. The logistics of loading the weight are particularly interesting, and it takes dozens of people to load the airplane.

Is loading Antonov 225 by hand?

If you’re wondering how they can load cargo parts at the front of the plane, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. But in all seriousness, it’s reasonable if you consider loading the cargo into this big compartment at the front of the plane. The entire nose of the plane lifts up at a 90-degree angle, along with the cockpit. Delays, mishaps, or mistakes are costing the company a lot of money, which is why there’s close to no room for air while the load manager is making sure the ramp is extended at a 90-degree angle. The technician crew for the Antonov An225 is slowly unloading the track system.

Then the cargo is loaded onto a truck and carried to the front of the an225, where a specialized crane will take the cargo from the aircraft and lift the heavy cargo, let’s say the generator, onto the track safely. The loading process takes several hours. If they’re running short on time, they have to load the shipment quickly but still make sure the goods are intact. At this point, the rails have a special system of rollers that can be used to slide the hull easily into the mouth of the plane. Once inside, it’s just a matter of retracting the ramp, closing the door and taking off. Because the cargo hold is not pressurized, none of the crew members on board the aircraft can stay there, so before takeoff, they have to tightly secure the hull in place and make sure it doesn’t move during transport. As for the crew, there’s a special cabin that sits right behind the cockpit of the aircraft. Whenever the aircraft lands, it’s greeted by crowds of people waiting to see the largest plane in the world. Often times, airport officials welcome the pilot and the Antonov’s crew with cakes and celebrations.

We talked a lot about the design of the aircraft and its immense power, but we didn’t tell you anything about its history.

Antonov 225 history

Surprisingly, this aircraft wasn’t intended to be a cargo plane in the past. Its primary mission was to transport the Energ rocket boosters as well as the Buran class orbiters. The plane was developed from an equally successful and popular cargo plane, the Antonov An-124. The an-124 was built in 55 units, and the reason for its success was due to a single innovative feature. Flat ramp This new technology allowed armored vehicles and buses to drive directly onto the cargo hold from the ground. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Antonov’s design team handed the serial production plant the blueprints for a redesign of a terrifyingly large aircraft capable of lifting over 350 pounds of cargo. The plane took its first flight on December 21st, 1988. Then it was featured at the Paris air show and the Farborough Air Show. It was turning heads and making people envious of the Soviets. They liked the plane so much that they decided to build a second one. However, because the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the project was scrapped and the one an-225 already built was placed in storage. After redeploying the already built Antonov and 225 into service under Antonov Airlines, the company wanted to complete the second one, which was completed 60 years later. The plane is still not built. The airbus that we’re talking about so far is the one built in 1988 and redesigned in 2001 for an additional 20 million dollars. To show you how big this plane really is, they added the reinforced floor, which increased the maximum gross weight of the aircraft from 600 tons to 640 tons today. There are seven sets of tires on each side of the plane, and there are an additional two sets of tires in the front, making for a total of 32 airplane tires. Depending on the weight of the cargo, Antonov Airlines will charge different transport fees. As a result, when transporting large parts that cost several million dollars to buy, it’s not uncommon to be billed more than a million dollars for transportation. As a result, when transporting large parts that cost several million dollars to build, the Chinese government has been thinking about building their own antonov An225, and according to some sources, they’ve already taken over, so we might actually see two of these planes in the skies in the near future.

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