Baba Ijebu Sure Game for Today, Monday, June 29


Today Monday, June 29, 2020, Baba Ijebu game is here for 2 sure numbers and pamtation numbers on Diamond, Peoples, Bingo, MSP, Metro, International:

Baba Ijebu Monday prediction:

Diamond Prediction:
2SURE: 42-40 Pam: 73-82-64-38-29

Peoples Prediction:
2SURE: 52-72 Pam 80-29-48-62-26

Bingo Prediction:
2SURE:56-34 Pam: 25-38-29-10-74

MSP Prediction:
2SURE: 82-63 Pam:45-38-37-11-29

Metro Prediction:
2SURE: 73-46 Pam 30-90-16-35-3

International Prediction:
2SURE: 36-27 Pam: 53-17-32-70-27

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