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How Nigeria’s Flawed 2023 Election Impacted My Mental Health

Nigeria’s flawed 2023 election, marked by irregularities and institutional failures, took a severe toll on my mental health, leaving me disillusioned, frustrated, and emotionally drained.



How Nigeria's Flawed 2023 Election Impacted My Mental Health

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Even though the Nigerian general election of 2023 was important for the nation’s political future, it was marred by pervasive irregularities that left many citizens—including myself—emotionally exhausted.

The blatant disregard for democratic principles and the failure of election and law enforcement officials to carry out their responsibilities only served to exacerbate the mental health issues encountered during this time.

In order to promote electoral reform and increase awareness of the effects such events have on mental health, this article aims to bring attention to the various irregularities and how they affected my mental health.

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  1. The Candidate Dilemma

One of the most disheartening aspects of the 2023 election was the realization that the candidate who won the majority of votes was not the one declared the winner by the electoral commission. This disregard for the will of the people not only undermined the democratic process but also triggered feelings of helplessness, frustration, and despair.

  1. Law Enforcement Agencies’ Complicity

The involvement of law enforcement agencies in election rigging and their collusion with politicians was particularly distressing. The very institutions that were supposed to protect the integrity of the election were actively undermining it, leaving me questioning the legitimacy of the entire process and contributing to my declining mental health.

  1. INEC Officials’ Misconduct

The role of some Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials in rigging the election for politicians further exacerbated the sense of disillusionment and frustration. Witnessing these supposed impartial actors blatantly engage in electoral malpractice was a bitter pill to swallow, and it fueled feelings of hopelessness and anger.

  1. Political Thugs and Ballot Box Snatching

The presence of political thugs, who often acted with impunity, was another distressing aspect of the 2023 election. Instances of ballot box snatching in the presence of security agencies demonstrated a complete disregard for the sanctity of the electoral process. This lawlessness and the failure to hold these individuals accountable only added to my emotional turmoil.

  1. Manipulation of Election Results

Reports of election results being altered after the voting process further eroded my trust in the electoral system. The blatant manipulation of figures and the lack of transparency in the collation process left me questioning the legitimacy of the entire election and intensified my feelings of hopelessness.

  1. INEC’s Refusal to Upload Results on iRev

The electoral commission’s refusal to upload election results on the iRev platform, despite its promise to do so, only served to heighten suspicions of foul play. This lack of transparency and accountability further fueled my frustration and disappointment with the electoral process.


The numerous irregularities that marred Nigeria’s 2023 general election had a profound impact on my mental health. Witnessing the blatant disregard for democratic principles, the complicity of law enforcement agencies and electoral officials, and the overall lack of transparency left me feeling disillusioned, frustrated, and emotionally drained. By sharing my experience, I hope to raise awareness about the mental health implications of flawed elections and encourage electoral reform to ensure a more transparent, accountable, and inclusive electoral process in the future.

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