Shakirat: A 22-year-old Girl Killed In Osun By Ritualist

Shakirat killed in Osun

Shakirat, a 22-year-old woman, is the most recent victim of Nigeria’s yahoo ritual killings.

The body of a young, beautiful girl who had been missing since Wednesday was discovered in the back of her mother’s shop in Oke-Oore, Iwo, Osun State, after ritualists dumped her there.

Some of her vital body parts have gone missing, according to reports seen by Mandy News.

Her body was discovered behind her mother’s shop early Thursday morning. A few hours later, the men of the Nigerian police force arrived and removed the body. According to reports, she was taken to the morgue at Iwo General Hospital.

According to the brother, the mother advised her not to go out that day.

“About the view, I heard from my team this night. This girl is also my younger sister, but on Tuesday her mom called her to ask her not to go where she said she was going but she refused, “he wrote.

“Yesterday morning, around 11 am, at Oja Ale in Pankuku, she came to a place where I met her and she was watching a film there. Later on, I left her there. Later, I hear that she is dead.

But the amazing fact I learned from this incident is to obey our parents. From Tuesday, she won’t sleep at her mom’s place. She is hanging out with “Yahoo Boy.”

This was what Mr Basheer Ola from Iwo, Osun said about the 22-year-old victim of ritual killing in Osun state.

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