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Sweden Officially Joins NATO: Here’s What You Need To Know



Sweden Officially Joins NATO: Here's What You Need To Know

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Sweden, a country known for staying out of wars and military groups for over 200 years, is making a big change. It’s joining NATO, a powerful military alliance. This is a huge shift for Sweden, which has always tried to stay neutral.

Quick Summary

Key PointsDetails
Sweden Joins NATOBig change after 200 years of neutrality
Reason for ChangeWorries after Russia invaded Ukraine
History of NeutralityLong history of staying out of wars
Military StrengthStrong military despite neutrality
Policy ShiftMoving from neutral to joining NATO

Why Sweden is Joining NATO

Sweden decided to join NATO after some delays. This decision comes after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, which made many countries in Europe worried.

What Changed for Sweden

  • Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: This event made Sweden think differently about its safety and joining NATO.
  • People’s Opinion: After the invasion, more people in Sweden started to think joining NATO was a good idea.

Sweden’s Long History of Staying Neutral

  • Started in the 1800s: Sweden’s choice to stay out of wars goes back to the early 19th century.
  • World War II: Even during World War II, Sweden tried to stay neutral, though it had to make some tough choices.
  • During the Cold War: Sweden stayed neutral between the big military groups of NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

Sweden’s Military

Even though Sweden didn’t join military groups, it always had a strong military. In the past, it had one of the biggest air forces in the world.

How Sweden Moved Towards NATO

  • Building Up the Military: In recent years, Sweden started spending more on its military because of worries about Russia.
  • Bringing Back Conscription: In 2017, Sweden started drafting people into the military again.
  • Changing Policy: Over time, Sweden moved from being neutral to being more aligned with Western countries.

What Joining NATO Means

By joining NATO, Sweden is changing its policy a lot. It’s now part of a group that promises to defend its members. This is a big step for a country that has stayed out of military groups for so long.


Sweden joining NATO is a big moment. It shows how the country is changing its approach to deal with new challenges in the world.

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