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The Bandwagon Effect: Why You Shouldn’t Follow Every Trend On Social Media

the Bandwagon Effect on social media: why blindly following trends can be harmful and how to stay true to oneself while staying informed.



The Bandwagon Effect: Why You Shouldn't Follow Every Trend on Social Media

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The rapid expansion of social media has led to the influx of trends and challenges that emerge daily. It’s almost as if every morning presents a new hashtag, dance move, or sentiment that everyone must engage with.

But have you ever stopped to ask: Why am I doing this? In a world drowning in information, Osi Suave, a prominent Nigerian influencer, recently pointed out how many are “socially Engineered without them knowing.”


  • The Bandwagon Effect means people often do things just because many others are doing them, even without understanding why.
  • We often hop onto trends because of a deep desire to fit in, too much information coming at us, or the fear of feeling left out (FOMO).
  • If we follow every trend mindlessly, we might not seem genuine online, spread wrong info, or even feel mentally drained.
  • Big brands like Apple and Netflix show that you don’t always have to follow every trend to succeed. They’ve stuck to what they’re best at.
  • It’s a good idea to learn more about what we share, cut down on our social media time, and only trust reliable sources.
  • Taking part in popular trends is fun! But, it’s also important to make sure we’re true to ourselves and not just doing things because everyone else is.
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What is the Bandwagon Effect?

The Bandwagon Effect is a psychological phenomenon where individuals make decisions or adopt beliefs based on what the majority is doing, rather than their independent analysis or inherent preference.

“You take a stand on issues based on what the social media influencers and the majority say. You blindly jump on issues without knowing why; it just feels like the right thing to do because everyone is doing it.” – Osi Suave

Reasons for the Bandwagon Effect

  1. Desire to Fit In: Humans inherently want to belong. It’s easier to flow with the crowd than against it.
  2. Overload of Information: With the sheer amount of information available, it’s often simpler to follow than to research.
  3. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Nobody wants to be the last one to know or to be seen as ‘uncool.’

Dangers of Blindly Following Social Media Trends

  1. Lack of Critical Thinking: While social media can be informative, it can also encourage passive consumption. Without scrutinizing information, we risk making uninformed decisions.
  2. Amplification of Misinformation: Misinformation can spread like wildfire. Falling for these without verification can lead to false beliefs.
  3. Peer Pressure: The need to belong and be ‘in the know’ can lead to individuals adopting views or participating in challenges that they might not inherently agree with.

Why You Should Resist the Urge

  • Maintain Authenticity: Your social media should reflect your authentic self. Jumping on every bandwagon can dilute your personal brand.
  • Avoid Misinformation: Not all trends are rooted in fact. Following blindly can spread falsehoods.
  • Preserve Mental Health: Constantly trying to keep up can be mentally exhausting and damaging.

Brands That Resisted Trends

  • Apple: While other tech brands dived into producing netbooks, Apple focused on its strengths and eventually released the iPad.
  • Netflix: Instead of flooding their platform with short video content like TikTok, they doubled down on producing quality long-form content.
  • Remains dedicated to high-quality tips and tricks, resisting the urge to chase every viral topic.

How to Stay Informed Without Falling Prey

  1. Educate Yourself: As Osi Suave said, “The reason you have an education is for you to be able to question things.” Before adopting a viewpoint, dive deeper. Check out resources like fact-checking tools to ensure the authenticity of information.
  2. Limit Social Media Time: Allocate specific times for social media to avoid constant bombardment of information.
  3. Engage with Trustworthy Sources: Follow platforms known for their credibility.
  4. Pause and Reflect: Instead of instantaneously reacting, take a moment. Ask yourself: Do I genuinely agree, or am I just following the crowd?
  5. Engage in Discussions: Engaging in healthy debates with peers can offer diverse perspectives, promoting a more holistic view.
  6. Understand the Source: Recognize the difference between opinions, advertisements, and genuine advice.
Brands to TrustWhy Trust Them?
National GeographicReliable scientific info
MandyNews.comSpecialized, high-quality content

The Power of Influence: Brands & Trends

Brands recognize the potent influence of trends and often collaborate with influencers to market products. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between genuine endorsements and paid promotions.

Brand/ProductGenuine EndorsementPaid Promotion
Brand AYesNo
Brand BNoYes
Brand CYesYes

In a world constantly tugging for our attention, it’s essential to step back and discern the value of every piece of content we consume. As with everything, a balance is vital. Engage with trends that resonate with you, but always strive for authenticity.

Remember, as stated at, “Knowledge isn’t just power; it’s freedom.”

Disclaimer: All brand mentions in the article are for illustrative purposes. This article is inspired by this tweet by Osi Suave. Always cross-reference any information you consume online.

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