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Davido Cryptocurrency Giveaway: How Win ECHOKE Coin

How Win ECHOKE Coin

Davido is giving its loyal fans the chance to win some $ECHOKE Social Token cryptocurrency in a new giveaway that starts Sunday.

Echoke is a community token built with purposes to provide value to entertainment and hospitality consumers, many lucky Davido fans will earn themselves free ECHOKE currency prizes in a series of giveaways through Sunday, November 28 till further notice.

Before you can get the ECHOKE Social Token you will need to have any crypto wallet that supports the BEP-20 standard to receive their cryptocurrency.

According to Davido and Bitsika, there are 2 billion Echoke coin prizes. The tokens will be freely distributed in a series of monthly giveaways to the public in the next 12 months.

How Win ECHOKE Coin

To cash in on the coin, supporters need to visit the omegoat website, where they will be rewarded with the cryptocurrency.

Follow the steps by step instructions below.

  1. On the Omegoat website, you will see a countdown leading up to each month’s airdrop.
  2. Once the countdown is over, registered Omegoat members can apply to claim their airdrop rewards.
  3. All it takes to register on the Omegoat site is to login with your Google email.
  4. Tokens are gotten when registered users apply to claim their rewards via a small form.
  5. In the form, the users can provide their BSC (Binance Smart Chain) addresses and their phone numbers.
  6. After filling this form, you just have wait a few minutes for your reward to arrive into the wallet you provided.
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