Davido Set To Trademark ‘E Choke’


Everyone on social media knows “E Choke” was created by a Nigerian Atlanta-born African pop star and now he wants to make sure no one else uses it.

“E Choke” is the latest word Davido is attempting to trademark which he introduced 4 months ago.

“E Choke” is the word the singer and his fans use to celebrate their winning and mock the oppositions.

Recently Wizkid fans were seen trending phrase such as “E restricted my airflow” and today “E don spoil” to make sure they do not appear on songs Davido is taken a move to trademark his “E Choke”.

E Choke can be used to react to any situation; win, love, joy, betrayal, death, invention and lots.

The phrase translated means “to stop the breath” and is a common expression throughout south-west Nigeria

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