Fact-check: Was Deborah Tushima Poisoned On Her Birthday Over An iPhone 11?


Here is a fact check on a rumour spread on social media that a lady identified as Debby was poisoned by a jealous friend after she received an iPhone 11 as a birthday gift.

There have been many posts and rumours flying in social media about Nigerian lady Deborah Tushima allegedly got poisoned by friends over an iPhone 11 she received as a birthday gift.

Did Deborah Tushima died because of iPhone 11?


A Nigerian lady Deborah Tushima received an iPhone 11 pro gift while with her friends at her birthday party dancing when she suddenly slumped and started spitting blood she suffered from food poisoning induced by one of her friends.

What is true: Deborah wasn’t Poisoned, But Died of Heart Failure, Autopsy Confirmed it.

What is false: Deborah’s death has been confirmed not poisoning, Deborah tushima didn’t die because of an iPhone 11

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