How To Attract Favour With Sea Salt (Complete Guide)

How To Attract Favour With Sea Salt (Complete Guide)

This is the ultimate guide on how to attract favour with Sea Salt for both women and men. Learn the best ways you can attract favour and luck into your life.

Is it really possible for someone to attract favour with sea salt? Can you make money with sea salt bathing or is it just another myth? The answer to both questions is ‘Yes’.

Bathing with sea salt for money attraction is not a speculative theory but it’s a reality. Anyone who has faith and belief in God, the universe, and a general idea of how nature works can start living stress-free and make money.


how to bath with sea salt

sea salt

How To Bath With Sea Salt – For Beginners

In the past, we wrote an article on how to pray with salt and honey for financial favour.

The purpose of this one is to help you learn how to use sea salt for bath for luck, favour, money, business and peace of mind.

It is aimed at those who believe and have faith I remember when I first started it (in 2016), I found out anything you believe will become your reality.

Since then a lot has really changed in my life and I begin to take the bath every Friday.

Probably, this complete step-by-step guide will put you in the right direction from the very beginning, and give you a rooted plan to follow that will produce results in the fastest pleasant way.

Before we go into the details, let me explain something from now.

I did not say you should get any random salt in the market or street for cleansing, you have to get the original sea salt.

The reward from getting an original sea salt for bathing is not only the money but the skin, it combats acne-causing bacteria, skin infections, and speed up the healing process.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many articles on “how to use sea salt for bath”?

So many people now know the ritual, so they have to also share it with the world to benefit and testify.

How To Take A Sea Salt Bath?

Let’s take it back and continue from the beginning. How to use sea salt baths to attract money and how can you do the same?

These are the 7 steps to follow to get, favour, peace of mind, money and luck from sea salt bath. 

  1. Get original sea salt
  2. Grind the salt
  3. Pray with the salt
  4. Fast
  5. Use the book of psalms
  6. Have faith

It is a simple process!

Step 1: Get original sea salt

This is very important. It’s so easy these days to find fake products when you want to shop for food accessories in the market. The first thing to look for is on the ingredient label. Original sea salt contains only one ingredient, salt, not additives as you’ll find on processed salt. However, read the label with caution.

grind sea salt

grind sea salt

Step 2: Grind the salt

So, you have the original sea salt and it’s with you now, that’s great!

Now it’s time to grind the very hard crystals. Use a grinder with or stone to blend it into.

Step 3: Pray with the salt

Prayers is the key to everything, the best medicine, the key to success and peace of mind.

As I mentioned above, prayer is powerful. To possess the best result of your sea salt bath, you must pray, open your hearts and minds to God’s presence.

The best prayers to say before you bath with the sea salt are:

  • I ask for special favour today as I bath with this sea salt water
  • Hear my prayer as I ask for a breakthrough and for your power in my life, Lord as I bath with this sea salt water.

Say your prayer points to God and have faith that your heart desires will be granted in Jesus mighty name.

Step 4: Fast

Let’s recap the process so far.

Your first step is to get sea salt and grind it.

Your second step is to prayer with the sea salt.

The next step is to fast and get the ultimate result, and this is what I will discuss in this section.

To obtain a fast result from the sea salt bath, you need to fast before you take the bath. You need to fast for at least 6 – 12 or 6 to 3.

Step 5: Use the book of psalms

One of the best books in the bible is the Psalms it gives us the means to come to prayer in a fresh state of mind.

With that, you can use these best verses before you take your sea salt bath:

  • Psalm 112:3
  • Psalm 34:10
  • Psalm 1:3
  • Psalm 118:25
  • Psalm 35:27
  • Psalm 145:15-16
  • Psalm 115

Step 6: Have Faith

Once you are done with everything have faith. Believe me, I did and shortly I began to experience positive change in my life. No day I go out for my business that I don’t return home with money and I also notice that people started loving me more than ever.


Sea salt bath for a favour is not a myth. Thousands of men and women are making money and solving problems through the rituals either by morning bath, evening bath, or mid-Friday night bath.

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1 Comment

  1. Lovelyn sandra Anoruo

    October 6, 2022 at 4:35 PM

    I will never regret knowing u if eventually this work for me,I will be grateful to u and my God.i just come across of this now and I promise to do it as soon as possible cause from Monday to Saturday I don’t use to sell any one pin in my shop, cause of that I relocated still yet no change but I believe God frm today things will change for my good. Thanks so very much will ear my testimonies plz help me drop ur number in my email plz

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