How To Donate To Peter Obi’s Campaign

How To Donate To Peter Obi's Campaign

How To Donate To Peter Obi’s Campaign

In order to publicize his political campaign and raise money before the 2023 presidential election, Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has launched an official website.

The announcement was made via a tweet sent on Friday, October 7, by the 61-year-old former governor of Anambra.

The politician, who was born in Anambra, revealed that campaign contributions from willing financial backers could also be made through the platform while urging his supporters to visit the Obi-Datti Campaign organization’s official campaign website.

The news comes a few days after seriously concerned Nigerians voiced their worries that Obi’s campaign was being delayed by his constant meeting with people abroad.

Meanwhile, MandyNews.com has learned that the cost of a Nigerian presidential campaign is over 40 billion naira.

It has been noted that if a presidential candidate spends that much money out of their own pocket, they will probably embezzle taxpayers’ money and the money meant to build the country.

Because of this, a number of people are ready to contribute to Peter Obi’s presidential campaign.

If you’re looking to support the Labour Party presidential campaign, consider donating money directly to the following platform.

How to Donate to Obidatti 2023 Campaign

Obidatti campaign

The official website launched to advertise Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti’s political campaign and raise money in advance of the 2023 presidential election is the ObidattiCampaign.

Donate to the Obidatti campaign.


  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria or have a valid residence permit in Nigeria before you can donate.
  • Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old.
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