How To Prepare Kayan Mata At Home — Everything You Need To Know


Are you looking for how to prepare kayan mata at home? Find the best way on how to prepare kayan mata here.

Kayan Mata herb is used in northern Nigeria to enhance love and intimacy. The recipes have become trade secrets not meant to be shared.

Please beware of online Kayan Mata herb vendors some of them are imported from India and other Asia countries, don’t buy what will ruin your home make it yourself.

What is the work of Kayanmata?

Kayan Mata is a natural aphrodisiac that serves one major purpose – improving the lovemaking experience for women. Women with such sex-related conditions as poor libido, vaginal dryness, poor sensitivity, anorgasmia, etc. may seek KayanMata for treatment.

Where can I get KayanMata?

Kayanmata can be found in the Northern states in Nigeria or in the depths of markets of Lugbe or Wuse, or Yankaba or Barnawa.

What is Kayanmata?

“Kayanmata” is an herb popularly known as potions that act as lovemaking or love enhancers for couples in the Northern part of Nigeria.

what are the ingredients of making Kayanmata?

Common ingredients for Kayanmata include honey, tiger nuts, camel’s milk, millet, ginger Ambien, Bufo toad, yohimbine, horny goat weed.

Is Kayanmata a charm?

The real Kayan Mata is not voodoo or charm. But some of these imported ingredients from India and other parts of Asia have magical results such as the ability to keep a man under a woman’s control. Also, these new forms of Kayan Mata are applied have also changed and in some cases, deep insertions and body clippings are involved.

How To Prepare Kayan Mata At Home?

  • soak 600g Tiger Nuts;
  • 2 liters of cool water; Coconuts (1); Dates (15).
  • honey, tiger nuts, camel’s milk, millet, ginger
  • If you use dry Tiger Nuts, then you need to soak them in a pan with cold water overnight.
  • Wash the Tiger Nuts thoroughly until there are no more specks of dirt.
  • Break the coconut. Pour the coconut milk into a cup.
  • Remove the insides of the coconut and place them in a separate pane.
  • Take away the kernels of the dates.
  • Cut the dates in a lot of small pieces.
  • Take a blender and mix your dates, Tiger Nuts, cold water, coconut milk, and the insides.

That`s all! Now you can enjoy this wonderful drink twice a day to boost your passion and energy.

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