International Men’s Day 2023: Black Tax Pushing Nigerian Men Into Depression

International Men's Day 2023: Black Tax Pushing Nigerian Men Into Depression

As we mark International Men’s Day 2023, it’s time to spotlight a critical issue: the impact of Black Tax on the mental health of Nigerian men, especially those living abroad. This cultural practice, while rooted in tradition, is increasingly becoming a source of mental strain and leading to depression.

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Understanding Black Tax

Black Tax is what we call the financial help that Nigerian men, especially those working overseas, are expected to give to their extended families. It’s a mix of cultural duty and love, but it often brings a lot of financial and emotional stress.

The Financial Burden

The Mental Toll

But it’s not just about money. The real issue is how this financial stress affects their mental and emotional health.

Key Points:

  1. Constant Pressure: It’s tough always being expected to provide.
  2. Sacrificing Personal Goals: Many of these men have to put their own dreams on hold.
  3. Isolation: Living far from home can be lonely, making things even harder.

Depression: A Silent Epidemic

For Nigerian men dealing with Black Tax, depression often sneaks up on them. They feel they have to keep up appearances, which only makes things worse.

Depression Indicators:

Mikel Obi’s Take on Black Tax

John Obi Mikel, the famous Nigerian and Chelsea midfielder, has talked openly about the emotional and financial weight of Black Tax. His story is a real-life example of how Black Tax can affect mental health, especially for successful people living away from home.

The Emotional Burden of Success

  • Mikel Obi’s Experience: He faced a lot of pressure to support his extended family and even got threats from relatives.
  • Cultural Expectations: Society expects a lot from these successful men.
  • Mental Health Implications: This kind of pressure can really lead to mental health issues like depression.

Lessons for the Future

  • Awareness for Young Athletes: It’s important to prepare young African athletes for these challenges.
  • Balancing Support and Self-Care: They need to find a way to help their family without sacrificing their own well-being.

Real-Life Impact

Let’s look at John’s story. He’s a Nigerian engineer living in Canada with a well-paying job. But even with his success, the endless requests for money from back home are weighing him down. He’s stuck in a tough spot, feeling both trapped and helpless. It’s a clear example of how Black Tax can lead to depression, even when you’re doing well financially.

Breaking the Cycle

To tackle this issue, we need a well-rounded approach:

  1. Awareness: We need to teach families about the real challenges of living abroad.
  2. Open Conversations: We should encourage honest talks about what’s financially doable.
  3. Support Systems: Building support networks for emotional and mental health is key.

In Conclusion

This International Men’s Day, let’s focus on the quiet battles our brothers, fathers, and sons are fighting against Black Tax. It’s time for a change.

For more insights and stories, check out our Mental Health section. Remember, you’re not alone in this.

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