Leona Hale: Video Of Black Pregnant Woman Shot In Kansas Goes Viral

Leona Hale: Video Of Black Pregnant Woman Shot In Kansas Goes Viral

Leona Hale: Video Of Black Pregnant Woman Shot In Kansas Goes Viral

A black pregnant woman shot in Kansas City, Missouri, went viral on social media after the black community demanded justice for her.

In the video sighted by, the woman, Leona Hale, can be seen on the ground with her hands cuffed after being shot.

According to a medical assistant who was filming the whole incident, she was handcuffed after being shot.

Multiple reports on social media said the the 26-year-old pregnant woman was shot five times.

What happened?

The report sighted on Independent News said that Missouri cops shot a pregnant black woman suspected of carjacking five times.

The incident was said to have happened in the Independence Plaza neighborhood on Friday night, May 27th.

Leonna Hale, a Black woman of 26 years old, was the victim.

The incident, according to the Kansas City Police Department, was an attempt to apprehend a woman and a man in connection with a suspected stolen car.

The police version does not make up, according to eyewitnesses, because the woman was shot five times while holding her hands up.

Shédanja, a bystander who recorded the aftermath of the incident, told The Kansas City Star that she overheard officers saying, “Get out of the car,” to two occupants in a car close by.

She said a male exited the vehicle, jumped a fence, and fled. She claimed that three cops chased him down. On the other hand, the woman exited the vehicle with her hands raised.

“The cops urged the woman to get on the ground,” an eyewitness told the Kansas City Star, “but the woman informed them that she was pregnant, and thus she couldn’t get down on the ground.” The cops then requested her to get down several times, but she was unable to do so. After that, the woman told authorities that there was a pistol in the vehicle.

The woman began walking back toward the parking lot’s gate. Several officers drew their firearms as they approached. Shédanja stated, “She did not bring out a weapon on them.” “She didn’t even have a stick in her hand,” says the narrator. According to Shédanja, the woman took three steps away from policemen before being shot five times.

“One, two, three, four, and five,” says the narrator. It stayed with me because it didn’t stop. “They shot five times,” claimed Shédanja, an eyewitness who documented the aftermath of the incident. “I froze when I saw her fall to the ground,” she recalls. She also asked the police why they shot the woman several times, but authorities refused to respond.

A video of the awful aftermath shows Leonna laying on the ground after being shot, with the cops handcuffing her. Leonna, thankfully, is still alive and in stable condition. Interim

Members of the black community are now calling it a “horrific, attempted execution.”

Below is the transcript of the video.

“What is shot her? What he shot her y’all? They got her handcuffed. I’ll never say I’m from her up from Louisiana, from Arkansas, but I stopped here to get some gas y’all. And to get some ice cream for my kids. Y’all my son. Just watch this. My one-year-old son. Just watch this. My two-year-old son. Just watch this and my 13 year old son. Just watched this happen. The man red. She was finger across operate. She got scared. She ran down. There’s a shark. 1 2 3 4, my son got no, his phone too. They got her haircuts. Why she shot? God. I’m a medical assistant God that ain’t right.

I’m a medical assistant. Got it ain’t right. My friend in the story. My son is dark. My son is for my son is gonna throw my 10 year old son of a story. Yes, sir. I’m back. I’m back sir. I watch that my sons.

They shot her. Oh my God. They shot her. Oh my God. They shot her. Oh my God. They shot her. Mama. Thanks, Shauna. Oh my God. They shot it. Oh, guy! They shot it. On my God. They shot her. What the fuck? I see. Nobody like this is not God of God. In front of me. They shot her. You got a shot, her, they shot each other. I watched it out. Y’all. Please a shorter.

Stays out of yada. Yada God. Oh my God, they say, they feel when their head coach. What type of woman are you? You’re still putting the handcuffs. They still bring your head, cuz that they shot it. My name is Miss. Pray. I’m from Arkansas. Look at it got here. It’s we’re police officers. They shot her in putting together here cuz”

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