Video Of Michelle Obama Relationship Advice Goes Viral; Here’s What She Said

Video Of Michelle Obama Relationship Advice Goes Viral; Here's What She Said

Video Of Michelle Obama Relationship Advice Goes Viral; Here’s What She Said

This article is about Michelle Obama Relationship advice.

It was published on NPR after former first lady Michelle Obama talked to Life Kit about her new book, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times.”

Social media users have been sharing a video of Michelle Obama giving her best marriage, parenting, and self-expression advice.

The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, the latest memoir by former first lady Michelle Obama, delves deep on a variety of subjects, including feeling recognized, conquering fear, and meeting new friends.

However, based on what Mandy News has discovered, the book’s main theme is relationship advice—for our partner, our children, and ourselves.

She uses her personal relationships with her mother, Marian Robinson, her kids Sasha and Malia, and her husband, former President Barack Obama, to demonstrate how she has contributed to the success of each of her relationships.

In the now-viral video that obtained, Michelle tells NPR’s Juana Summers that “you have to evolve with it,” and the phrase is now trending on social media.

Following Michelle’s 2018 memoir Becoming, which detailed her Chicago-raised upbringing, marriage, and life in the White House, her launch of The Light We Carry tells a similar story.

Michelle Obama claims that after having a difficult few years, she was motivated to create the new book.

Michelle Obama Relationship Advice

In her interview with NPR Life Kit, Michelle Obama discusses her views on relationships, children, marriage, and other topics.

She claims that her latest book is her finest attempt to give readers a peek inside her toolkit, including the routines and friends who help her maintain balance.

What Michelle Obama said on marriage

Questions about how Michelle and Barrack Obama have been together for so long are frequently directed at the couple. They mark their 30th anniversary this year.

She claims that there was never a 50/50 share in her marriage.

  • “We have to understand that marriage is never 50/50,” Michelle says. Marriage is less like a scale, writes Obama, and more like an abacus – with beads sliding back and forth. Over time, there will eventually be a 50/50 split of attention, support and love, but it’s important to let a relationship be dynamic.
  • She said marriage is never 50/50
  • She said don’t quit too soon on your relationship
  • She said raise adults, not children
  • She said be your real self

Watch the video below.

Video credit: NPR YouTube

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