Nigerian Sports Bettors Lose Millions On Worst Week Of Mr Bayo’s Predictions

Professional sports tipster and bettor whom Twitter users and sportybet customers called “Mr Bayo” finally got one wrong, which led thousands to lose millions on Saturday on three bookings.

You win some you lose some.

On Saturday morning he spread sportybet booking codes around Nigerian sports bettors on microblogging and social networking service, Twitter.

From what has gathered, many of the bettors lose approximately 50 million naira on booking numbers at sportybet.

Mr Bayo had at least ₦20,000 naira at stake on one of the bookings to win ₦700,000.

All three codes were made at +140 odds and first tweeted by Mr Bayo. Source confirmed to Mandy News that his three friends staked 1,000,000 each on the bets.

It was a rough Saturday for Mr Bayo and his fans, but don’t feel too bad for him — he has made millions from betting and made so many people millionaires.

Mr Bayo said in his statement that he is not a magician neither did he force anyone to place money on his games.

“2 weeks I have been winning people millions without taking a penny from any one of them or engaging anyone’s win because hype doesn’t get to me, I know the people hyping today will bash you tomorrow if things don’t go their way. Enjoy your weekend guys and I have never taken a penny from anyone, made over 250m for myself on betting this year alone, even the people who drop 20 losing tickets every day are bashing? I don’t find this funny and please whoever comes to my page I’m not forcing you to play my games so let’s be guided,” he said

He added, “I need to put this out for everyone. I’m not a punter and never take a penny from anyone for bets or VIP shits. I’m not a magician, we all lose and win, I win my millions through resilience and never force anyone to play my games, my games have made people millionaires.”

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