Protesters Slaps French President Emmanuel Macron

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PARIS (Mandy News) – The President of France Emmanuel Macron was slapped multiple times in the face on Tuesday by a man in a crowd of protesters while on a walk tour in southern part of the country.

In the video sighted by Mandy News, now spreading on social media, Macron, can be seen dressed in white shirt sleeves, walking towards a crowd of both males and females who were behind barricades.

The man could be heard shouting out “Down with Macronia” (“A Bas La Macronie”) and then he gave a slap to Macron’s face.

According to the presidency, there had been an attempt to attack the French President.

The reason why he slapped Macron, and his intentions, were still unknown to the publish. He could be heard screaming “Montjoie Saint-Denis,” which was the battle cry of the French armies when the country was still a monarchy.

At the time of this report, the man and one other person have been arrested.

Watch the video here.

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