Video Of Queen’s Guard Scolding Tourist For Touching Horse’s Reins Goes Viral

Video Of Queen's Guard Scolding Tourist For Touching Horse's Reins Goes Viral

Video Of Queen’s Guard Scolding Tourist For Touching Horse’s Reins Goes Viral

A video of the Queen’s Guard scolding a tourist for touching the horse’s reins goes viral.

The UK Sun reported on Tuesday that a visitor who approached a Buckingham Palace guard’s horse too closely received an angry response.

The guard, who was posted outside Buckingham Palace, can be seen screaming at the blonde woman in the now-viral video after she touches the horse’s reins when posing for a picture.

The caption on the video suggests that it was taken by the woman’s stepdaughter, since it reads, “Queen guard verbally attacked my step mom.”

The video which shows the altercation, the mother can be seen stepping back up the watchman and posing for a photo.

The horse then appears to be frightened as she raises her hand to hold the reins.

The man responds by shouting, “Stand back from the Queen’s lifeguard, don’t touch the reins.”

In the footage, the shocked woman leaps and holds her chest in fear.

Several users have expressed their comments about the video, which is currently trending across all major social media platforms.

Most of the Reddit comments that saw argued that the woman deserved to be publicly punished for upsetting the horse and disobeying signs telling people to stay away.

Several sites have reported that the woman has sworn never to visit London again.

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