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The Easiest Way To Travel To Abroad From Nigeria




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Right now the world is in the thick of a pandemic – but one day it will end. I mean hopefully, the deadly coronavirus COVID-19 may end this summer by the special grace of God even though the world would not be the same again, a lot of people would be favoured.

However, Summer 2020 will begin on Sunday, June 21 the European Union members will open their borders and let in cross-border and seasonal workers.

The question;

How do I get a work permit in abroad?

I will tell you some of the methods I have used as a traveller and I hope it works for you too.

  • 1. free volunteer programs
    As a Nigerian citizen, most of us always put money ahead instead of making a sacrifice I have visited 6 countries to work in the farm, cleaning and cook as a volunteer because I want to build my Nigerian passport.

What is a volunteer Programme and how do I get free volunteer opportunities abroad?

Volunteers provide service to a community on a short term period which focuses on the cultural learning experience.

There are so many sites in the world where you can apply for a volunteering job ifrevolunteers you can also make research yourself for other sites.

Visit some of these legit sites check for the job you know you can do if you are lucky your host will provide you with a free flight, free accommodation, free food, free clothes and free everything.

Be good, don’t be a prideful person, forget about the mentality of white people will call you a monkey, you are not a monkey and nobody will call you a monkey. Tell your host the good side about Nigeria and don’t be a desperate person. I have seen someone who married her host and automatically things change.

  1. 2. Work abroad
    Do you see that English you are wasting on girls daily? You see that your farming skills, you see that your talent can fetch you money abroad

How do I get work abroad?
Yes, leave everything you are doing surf the internet. The internet is life and the internet is the future – there are so many websites like The time you spent daily on Facebook and Twitter insulting people use that time to get a seasonal job or permanent job online.

Note: A visa for work will only be granted if an employer in the country you want to visit has already offered you a job (which I advise you to seek for a job online daily)

How to get entry visas?

The working visa must be obtained before arriving in your favourite country, from the Embassy or Consular Section in Lagos or Abuja. I suggest you contact the Embassy or Consular Section for exact documentation requirements.

Documents generally require include:
Valid passport (6 months old)
Employment contract
Proof of adequate medical insurance (I bought mine for 21,000 naira that’s 30,000 euro)
Criminal background checks from the police station nearest to you or go to Lagos.

  • 3. You can get a working holiday visa
    With this, you must have a passport from an eligible country.

So, as a Nigerian passport holder why not try Seychelles this summer if other countries are difficult for you?

Seychelles, the population is below 100,000. Last year, 361,844 tourists landed in the country you too can visit this summer hustle in the country if you are smart you can get a hook up marry and the document is secure.

Don’t forget holders of Seychelles’ passport have the most powerful passport in Africa with Seychellois nationals can visit 96 countries visa-free and 30 with the issuance of a visa on arrival, bringing the total to 126. Most countries in Europe don’t have such power you can visit glassdoor for a summer job in Seychelles, they are the second richest country in Africa.

Before you insult me, right now, the countries that are not famous are doing well because migrant has taken over the famous countries and jobs are difficult to get, countries like Finland, Netherland, Demark, & Luxemburg are the hot cake now very soon Nigerians will spoil these countries.

These Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas;
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

  • 4. Online friends
    Yes, I love this :-* while some of our brothers are busy giving the country a bad name you too can a make different. If you want something different, you have to do something different today to create a different life tomorrow. There’s no other way to get there.

How do I make friends online?

Don’t be a desperate person who wants to Nigeria because he/she needs document. Sign up to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tagged.

As follow:
Create an account with the real name in your passport
Upload your real pictures to social media
Do not live a fake life.
Postpositive things about people
Be positive and post about pet
Be your self
You can visit abroad news portal join the followers to make comment after you read.
Do not spam
Do not fraud
Be real
Don’t fake it
Build a relationship and tell your friend the positive side about your country
Introduce them to Nairaland
Tell them how much you love your country

Conclusion: If you follow up well this list will work for you as they have worked for me also work for the people I know. Do not give money to any agent because you want to leave Nigeria, what agent can do you too can do it. Again, no country is a paradise everywhere is hard, you just have to believe in yourself that I must make it in any country.

I hope you understand my write up, I am not perfect in English. God bless us all, you too can add to the list to help others. Anticipate my Finland thread. :-*

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