“6 Reasons Why You Will End Up Even Poorer Than Your Parents”

7 reasons Why You Will Still End up Being Poor Even More Than Your Parents
By Godwin Oluponmile
Why you will end up being poor
Remember you grew in a place where they trained you to depend on a higher authority to be able to survive. That mentality alone will end you still end up being poor with a difficult poverty.
Before you can be successful even in your career and not end up being poor, you need to take responsibilities as much as possible.
As you read this line, picture a nice taxi driver employed to ride his boss to wherever. Suddenly his beautiful daughter at home collapses due to frequent abortion. No matter how huge this driver’s salary might be, if anything should’ve affected his monthly allowance, he won’t hold himself responsible but his boss.
That is a sign of being broke. And why you need to start your self own investment now.
You will end up being poor if you follow these social construct that mandates dependence. You will follow these societal mistake if you are not careful and you will end up managing few bucks at last. With family and few friends (if there is).
Why? Your mind would have been used to getting things free of charge. Even if not free, your mind would be used to the works you do to get paid and it will automatically not make you feel responsible for catering for yourself…
I guess you know that whoever is giving you money freely now won’t give you no more in few years time.
for the fact that a prisoner is freed from the prison is still no guarantee that he can now do what he couldn’t do while in prison
– Sam Adeyemi
You are like that prisoner. I’m sure you do financial stuffs by following the blueprints your mind was used to so long ago.
Gone were those days when you collected feeds to survive in the high school college. Then, you wouldn’t ever think you can really survive on your own. Then, some of us even prayed for our parents to have more money to sponsor us and siblings till we die.
You know those were childish and immature ideas that can harm future days. No matter how rich the family you came from is, you are in a more serious danger if you think you are wise – by depending on anyone.
These 7 mistakes I’m revealing to you will cause you to redefine your mentality. Such that it stabilizes how you think for wealth assurance and stability(if you are currently rich).
Table of Content
1 You Don’t Plan
2 You Shift Financial Blames
3 Giving Too Much
4 You have no Investment
5 You Don’t Solve a Particular Problem for People
6 Finding out Shortcuts to make more money
7 Wrapping up

You Don’t Plan
Picture that last time you got a handful of thousands. Oh! Yes. I get you this time around. You kept spending as needs come till your account got blank.
You and Bae went out for launch in the beach and you make few shopping. Oh! The latest Nike jumper was out….. Voila! Fuuus! Bank debits piled up. Balance
See. Not planning before spending a certain amount of money is bad as building a house without an architectural plan.
No. It doesn’t work that way. Naaaaa! I don’t say you shouldn’t spend. Just that you ought to draw a plan first. Maybe in a private phone notebook, after then, you do a preference scaling.
Put your crucial needs at the topping list and sensitively.
Sieve off those unnecessary wants.
Plan for cases of emergencies; important transactions
and even cases of speculations.
Plan to section out a 10% portion to save.
Then you are good to go. If you pay tithes, go for it.
See! Planning increases the value of that money. You’ll begin to assume that you’ve just performed a magic in increasing your money value. There’ll remain more than enough to boast off.
P. S. Spend only with the guide of what you have planned.

You Don’t Save Anything from Your Allowances

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‘How much do I get?’

‘Hell ya! Nothing remains that I can save.’

Fine and you end up being a broke dude. Do this. Imagine you deducted 10% from that allowance to save,

Isn’t that better than end up being a broke worker serving the corrupt CEO in the nearest future? Yes. Because you might soon end up even worse than your parents. It’s a fact and not a ln intent to scare you.

Hey! Open a new Savings bank account. You must not touch the funds you’ll keep sending into the account account.

Keep piling up a 10%(or more) of your allowances there and see how Merlin magicalises your wealth….lol. You remember the epic movie?

Lol..That guy can pretty command few dollars out of your phone right now. You doubting me? You’d better come back to our business…�

Save, save, save and save. Pretty well!
Are you in school? Cool! You know how your allowances come in. Suffer your character a bit.

Plan out the 10%(or more) regular savings and do not touch it. You touch it, you touch acid.

You Shift Financial Blames

As a student, have you ever thought that your parents refuse to send you funds for feeding and you blame them for it. It’s normal but harmful to your future.

The hard truth is bitter. Regardless of you’re male or female, you own your life and you are to hold responsible most. Even though your parents might have those faults, try to think like a mature man (whom you are) seeing his business running down and debts pile up.
It’s not your mistake to be born poor. But it’s your fault to die poor.
– Bill Gates.

Ask questions, reach out to rich peeps on streets or campus, go online, invest in your ability and turn them into money.

Train your mentality to blame yourself for errors especially on finances even if you are not at fault.

By this, you are trained to think on how to improve on yourself, invest in yourself, discover favour opportunities, get ideas, reach out to people and lots more

Train yourself on how to blame yourself on any flaw or mistakes transpired by any party.

Giving Too Much

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Can you imagine you can stand the place of God?
Picture a millionaire in a country like Nigeria suddenly decides to give a fund of 100,000 each for all poor people in all 36 states. In a matter of weeks, he’ll end up demanding loans.
You need to give in a way that favours your pocket.
You have no Investment
Yes! You will end up being broke if you don’t put money in a business you love. Investing in yourself. No matter how you still work for the boss, you are still going to be broke.

Don’t think you are still safe if your family is rich. Circumstances change and shits happen a lot.

Select what you love doing and invest in it. Let it be one thing and if you fail, try again and again.

You Don’t Solve a Particular Problem for People

Fortunately, the best way you can get a larger portion of the circular flow of money is if you solve a certain problem.

Nobody will give you any money unless you provide a value which you are skilled in. I can et millions are looking for thousands of services to get help from and are ready to pay thousands of dollars with.

The person that’s still giving you money freely won’t give you no more in few years time. You need to find out what value you can provide to the society of you don’t want to be end up being broke.

Finding out Shortcuts to make more money

Shortcuts to get more money is cool but it will often cut short your capitals(if not your dignity). Get rich quick schemes are typical instances.

You cannot plan to spend well the money you earn through shortcuts. This money value of a thing is something more extraordinary. I guess you see the picture I’m trying to paint?

If you workhard and be smart with providing solutions to the starving audience, you can end up being the world richest within a short period of time.

Why you will end up being poor

Wrapping up

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Being broke is indispensable. In fact, the richest in the world would still have certain things to spend on that would seem impossible. But you do know being broke is different from being broke.

Be broke in the sense that even If you are broke, you will have a particular money to start investing with. If you can structure means of investing in a project that solves a particular societal problem, you will end up being a billionaire.

Then, most importantly, you need to hold on to God to back you up in all these tested and trusted facts.
I need you to ask questions about this.. Or controversies you have in the comment box below. What’s your view on this matter. What do you think?

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