Happy Birthday Adesuwa Jj Walker: Interesting Facts About Gaga

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Adesuwa Jj Walker, one of the most hardworking women I have ever met has turned a year older today. The Nigerian born entrepreneur, who is also a philanthropist and public relations has worked almost a decade with numerous famous and underground entertainers in the Nigerian music industry. Adesuwa popularly known as Gaga, has been seen in photos with DBanj, Davido, and other top African stars.

Happy Birthday Adesuwa Jj Walker: Interesting Facts About Gaga
Gaga birthday photo

The film director and Artist Manager has managed to keep her personal life under wraps, so, as she celebrates this birthday, let’s take a look at some lesser-known and interesting facts about the Facility Queen.

As one of the most hardworking women I have ever met Adesuwa Jj Walker celebrates her birthday; here are some interesting facts about the zodiac queen cancer and the reasons she’s amazing.

Facts about Adesuwa Walker

  • Adesuwa Walker has worked in public relations for almost a decade.
  • I think she’s one of the best artists managers in the music industry.
  • She’s the queen of facilities in Africa’s most populous city, Lagos.
  • She’s a genius and creative film marker.

In honor of her birthday, WE gathered the things WE love the most about Adesuwa Jj Walker (Gaga).

Happy Birthday Adesuwa Jj Walker: Interesting Facts About Gaga
Gaga on birthday shoot
  • Her amazing work —from her PR to apartment rental and Sunglass shop.
  • She is the reigning Queen of hair flips—nobody can whip their hair around as fiercely as Gaga.
  • Gaga is generally private but shares personal moments with friends on Instagram during the weekend.
  • She does her part in giving back. Gaga was sighted donating to many different people in her previous birthday —and inspires people like me to also get involved in charity work.
  • She is everywhere from Lagos to Dubai to Island —you will never get sick of seeing her.
  • Gaga has been embraced by D’banj and other great guys. The beautiful Cancerian was together with Davido and cousin B-Red at DHOG’s 2013 cruise and had a pool party with top bulls in the industry.
  • She is also the Queen of everything.
  • Her business acumen
  • Her love for God and constituency in prayers.
  • Her fashion sense: Only she can slay wearing ninja hat and Italian shoe! And yes, I loved that dress. Everything about her styling is awesome to me.
  • Her voice is gorgeous. Till forever, one of my favourite moments is hearing her say “thank you”.
  • Her name is so unique it has a wealth command around it she doesn’t even need too many prosperity prayers. And when she’s bored of Adesuwa she can always turn to Gaga or Facility Queen. Not everyone has a name with the meaning “Surrounded by prosperity”.
  • Her body is perfection. Flawless curves and a perfect turn up nose make her already amazing, look even better on sunglasses. How many of your favorite celebrities can beat this look? Not even the plastic surgery gang.
  • Because she pulls off a different hairstyle better than anyone else.
  • Because we could spend hours on her Instagram page scrolling through her amazing lifestyle.
  • She’s pretty and smart
  • She acts like the boss that she is.
  • She’s got a heart of gold
  • She’s simply fresher than you, I mean you, fresher than you and everyone you know
  • She is always happy
  • The way she moves like the Naomi Campbell of the 90s.
  • Every of her glasses fits perfectly [nice color, by the way (transparent)]
  • Her life is busy yet she takes some time to go to early morning prayers online
  • Her innocent face makes her more beautiful
  • Her simplicity stands out for me
  • She is beautiful
  • She’s very loyal
  • She has a strong faith, never misses the stream of joy International (even if it takes several hours)
  • She doesn’t complain

I am getting to know more about her, next year I will write more. Happy Birthday the Queen of everything ?

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