Papaya Ex Accused Of Stealing Destiny ‘Ritual Renewal’ In Viral Video

Papaya Ex Accused Of Stealing Destiny 'Ritual Renewal' In Viral Video

Papaya Ex Accused Of Stealing Destiny ‘Ritual Renewal’ In Viral Video

Some indigenous people of Yoruba on Twitter have said that Papaya’s 1 million follower giveaway is to steal the destiny of people.

“I’m too Yoruba for someone to be dressed this way and touching my head all because of car,” Oluwunmi said on Twitter.

According to Kellzton on Twitter, he said, “This is purely ritual.” She’s getting more than she’s giving.”

MandyNews.com has tracked thousands of comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accusing Papaya ex of being a ritualist.

The hashtag “papaya ritual” is currently trending on numerous social media platforms because of the Instagram influencer.

Papaya Party

On Sunday, May 29, 2022, an Instagram influencer, popularly known as Papaya ex, had a party in Lagos in celebration of her 1 million followers on social media.

The young girl, who is known for doing a lot of things for clout, promised to give away a car and iPhones to her followers.

As a result of that, many boys and girls traveled from several states in the south-west of Nigeria to Lagos for the party.

Papaya Ritual

A viral video sighted by MandyNews.com during the party, which was live streamed on major social media platforms, shows Papaya being blindfolded with a boy and a girl kneeling before her.

Many people believe the party is a ritual renewal because of the giveaway, her dressing, and what she did while selecting the winner.

In the video, Papaya can be seen touching their heads after being blindfolded with a white cloth. 

According to a globetrotter whose name is Andre on Twitter, “Papaya has touched their heads and done whatever fetish things they wanted to do while the real winner was just waiting for the ritual to be over. A lot is going on in this country that needs to be investigated.”

The video can be seen below.

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