Ukraine President Latest Speech On February 27th (In English)

Ukraine President Latest Speech On February 27th (In English)

Ukraine President Latest Speech On February 27th (In English)

In a new address, Zelensky directly addresses Belarusians ahead of their constitutional referendum, describing Russian attacks on playgrounds, ambulances, civilians. “We are your neighbors,” he says. “Be Belarus, not Russia.”

Zelensky Speech On Belarus

  • These words of mine will be addressed to me citizens of Belarus.
  • Today, all of you are called to the polls to vote in the referendum.
  • This look like normal political process.
  • But now it certainly cannot be anything normal
  • Now decisions are made on a complete different level
  • Last night in Ukraine was cruel: more shelling, more bombing of residential area, civilian infastructure.
  • Today, there is not a single object in the country that invaders would not consider a valid target for themselves.
  • They fight against everyone.
  • They fight against everyone that’s alive: against kindergarten, against residential buildings, and even against ambulances.
  • They use rocket artillery, Missiles against entire urban areas in which there has never been any military infastructure – Vasylkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Khakiv and many other cities in Ukraine are surviving in condition that were last seen in our land and your land during the second world war.
  • But in the war that is going on now, you are not on the same side with us.
  • Regretfully, from your territory the troops of the Federation of Russia launch rocket into Ukraine.
  • Our children are being killed from your territory, our houses are being destroyed, they are trying to blow up everything that has been built over decades – and by the way, not only by us, but by our fathers and grand fathers.
  • And all this is a defector for your referendum,Belarusians.

Watch the full transcript video below.

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