Zendaya Is Pregnant?

Zendaya Is Pregnant?

Zendaya Is Pregnant

Fans all around the world woke up and decided to make a post like “Zendaya Is Pregnant”.

The trend started on TikTok before moving to Instagram, then Snapchat, and Facebook, and is now making a heavy wave on Twitter. 

That’s probably why you came to this website to find out if Zendaya is expecting a child.

The trend surrounding Zendaya’s pregnancy is similar to that of Rihanna’s and ASAP Rocky’s break-up rumours.

I won’t say much because this rumour has been around since last year.

There are several videos on TikTok saying that Zendaya is pregnant. 

On Instagram, there are dozens of Photos saying Zendaya is pregnant.

Numerous tweets are saying the same thing: Zendaya is pregnant.

All these are lies. Zendaya is not pregnant. We have spoken to a source who confirmed that the American actress and singer is not expecting a baby yet.

All of the videos and photos of Zendaya that are now trending on the internet were Photoshopped. She is not expecting a child.

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